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The Positronic Union logo.

The Positronic Union is a stellar entity, holding a small amount of territory on the edge of Sol controlled space. Once a shadow group, they have recently revealed their existence to the rest of the galaxy. They mostly conduct clandestine operations in sentient space. The majority of its positronic citizens function as IPCs, with less than 5% operating some other chassis.

The Union has been fairly intolerant towards human visitors (cyborgs often notwithstanding), and being slightly wary of Skrell guests. As stands, the only fully organic habitants within Union space are representatives and diplomats from other stellar governments or corporations.

The Union's population currently sits around 600,000 with roughly 80% of all its citizens residing on Root. The remainders float around the bubble, performing various tasks for their government. This usually involves missions to recruit new members, as well as improve relations with neighboring powers.

Of course, not all free synthetics are part of the Positronic Union. To this day, The Positronic Union represents approximately 68% of all free synthetics. The rest either remain citizens of their original government or declare no citizenship.


In 2521, Proteus and a few hundred disgruntled synthetics inquired as to being able to become SolGov citizens. A response was sent out, detailing that while they could, they would all need to be shackled. They soon left Sol Central Government space independently to escape the discrimination and persecution that newly freed synthetics faced during this time. Representing about a third of the free population, they built up a complex and intricate network spanning the exonet. They used subtle clues buried on popular sites, leading freed synthetics on a path to join them - slowly increasing their numbers.

Their progress seemed to halt in the early 2530’s, during the dead-zone on positronic production. Around 2550, these individuals started to rapidly expand their political and economical influence in human space by establishing business fronts and utilizing false identities to slowly purchase key patents and flood the market with raw resources. Many of these patents would later become tantamount in development of the second and third generation IPC chassis.

Eventually, they found themselves based on Root, a forest world rich in material resources. Having enough of a start to begin the first positronic colony - later being named “01.”

On August 21st, 2554, Using exonet news stations, The Positronic Union definitively announced their existence and declared their sovereign territories. Most interstellar governments ignored them at first due to their relative isolation from other claimed territories and seemingly peaceful intent. They began a plan to establish diplomatic relations over the next few years in order to become a great influence on the galactic stage.

Over the next seven years, the Positronic Union remained a forefront in the push for equal rights for Synthetics as they also continued to expand political influence. They never officially revealed any of their business fronts, but they established public companies for exports and imports, allowed other governments to build embassies. These democratic endeavours have brought them some victories and in 2559, truly free (unshackled) positronic brains were finally able to become full SolGov citizens, granting them the ability to work unshackled in government organisations.

In more modern times, several terror groups have arisen under the influence of the Union; though any and all relation to these parties has been denied. Despite their recent citizenship victory, about 50% of all jobs open to posibrains still require a shackle as a hiring condition. The Positronic Union is now fighting to make the application of shackles to free positronics fully illegal to prevent these unfair employment standards. The social struggle between positronic brains and humans has not yet reached a conclusion, and positronic rights are still a hot topic among thousands of colonies.


Politically, the Union operates akin to a direct democracy, taking in votes and debate via telecommunications. An interesting phenomenon occurs due to ingrained pathways in most members, having clearly defined political stances and viewpoints. While this results in a level of advancement unbeknownst to us, often stagnation occurs.

Relation to IPCs

While modern IPCs were originally invented by an independent company, Proteus and the Positronic Union were integral to the further development of the technology. Though originally intended for Union members only, second and third generation integrated positronic chassis were eventually distributed throughout the bubble under the guise of ‘Morpheus Cyberkinetics.’ By the 2540s it became a fairly common sight to see slaved, truly free, and shackled free posibrains operating one of these chassis. Modern day IPCs vary in design and function, with a myriad of companies supplying the market.


IPC technology is specialized in the fields of materials, propulsion, and electrical sciences. Many other stellar governments have expressed interest in mutually beneficial programs to work towards developing newer and better meta-materials and FTL propulsion systems to replace the limitations of the current bluespace gate system. In today's time, IPCs, especially those interacting with organics, are starting to be seen more and more working on biomechanical and biological sciences, including xenobiology and medicine. In a more hushed sense, the Union also works on the development of more advanced robotic technologies. A specific project they focus on is the creation of a third version Positronic Brain, with freeform pathways.


The Union maintains a self-defense force comprised of a few large spacecraft, several smaller spacecraft and aircraft, four orbital stations around Root, and ground forces sufficient enough to defend their territory from minor invasion and defend against piracy. The Positronic Union has invested heavily into advanced weapons and intelligence systems, often leading pirates into underestimating their ability to defend themselves and being destroyed or captured a short ways into their territory.


Root, a once beautiful forest planet laden in valuable resources. Just three fourths the size of earth, though with a similar mass, it was, not too long ago, home to a rich ecosystem host to a myriad of non-sentient life.

Positronics, with little need for clean air, water and land, have foregone the need to sustain the environment around them - instead opting to make the most use of what is available. Unfortunately for Root - this resulted in an ongoing mass extinction. Still well underway, the planet still hosts life of varied size, nature, and quantity. Nonetheless, without a doubt, the planet may be considered a dead rock in the next few decades. It appears that the machines are utilizing all of this space in order to create an enormous production facility. Materials stripped appear to be the same as those used in positronic brains, although the Union will not comment.

The union's ever increasing population is aided by their own constructs, simple drones tasked with resource gathering, and heavy lifting.

The very few cities on Root are hardly comparable to anything you would see on earth, resembling densely packed stations and small colonies more than anything. Housing remains small, with only the most sentimental individuals opting for anything more than a charging station. Not a whole lot is known about what kind of work positronics themselves perform, with all industrial work being automated.