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Heal the crew's injuries. Perform surgery. Keep people alive. Yell dramatically when you fail to do so.
Difficulty: Hard
Access: Infirmary
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Alternative names: Surgeon, Trauma Surgeon

The Physician is the primary Medical role and practitioner aboard the SEV Torch. Unlike the Corpsman, who is generally concerned with retrieving patients from the field and acting as a gopher for other Medical personnel, the Physician is expected to perform intensive medicine on a regular basis, ranging from checkups with the crew to intensive surgery. They are the main workhorse for the department, and should be ready to handle all manner of medical emergencies should they arise. As such, it is important to familiarize yourself with the systems involved by reading the Related Guides linked in the sidebar; odds are that you'll need to know everything contained in them at some point or another.

Physicians are typically ranked as staff officers and answer directly to the Chief Medical Officer.


As a dedicated Medical professional, your job is basically to do whatever is necessary to keep the rest of the crew alive. Ideally, you'll be surrounded by Corpsmen to fetch patients for you and perform triage, a Virologist to handle any outbreaks of space plague, and a Counselor to perform any required psychiatric examinations, with maybe a civilian Medical Contractor to fill in whatever gaps you need. But, as a full and competent staff list is an extraordinary rarity on the Torch, it ultimately comes down to you to do whatever needs doing.

Depending on the round, this can mean sitting on your thumbs in the Infirmary and staring listlessly at the suit sensors while occasionally treating the occasional Engineer for a minor cut, or frantically sprinting back and forth between the medical bay and the latest disaster zone to shuttle critical patients into the Treatment Center, or spending long, grueling hours in the operating room. It's an unpredictable job, usually characterized by long periods of boredom followed by short bursts of frantic activity, and you need to be ready for anything.

While coordinating the activities of the Corpsmen is usually the Chief Medical Officer's job, and watching the suit sensors is usually Corpsman work, it's a rare Medical team that actually does its job without prompting. Don't be afraid to watch the sensors yourselves or let the Corpsmen know when there are patients that need retrieving, or when you need supplies brought to you, or when you need an extra pair of hands for a difficult case. They're there to make it possible for you to do your job. Make sure they do it.

Physicians are also responsible for mixing up the various medications required for treating patients. While not all Physicians are necessarily trained in this, it is an important skill to have, and at least one Physician per shift should volunteer to spend some time in the pharmacy so that everyone else has the supplies they need to keep the crew alive.


As a Traitor Physician, there are a variety of interesting options open to you. After all, critical cases turn up all the time, and not all of them are salvageable. It may be the case that your hand slips at the wrong moment, and the Commanding Officer ends up in the Morgue. Or perhaps you can abuse your access to dangerous chemicals, syringe guns, and straight jackets to sedate, poison, or torture your victims. And since you're probably the one conducting any given autopsies, who's to say that there was ever a murder to begin with?

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