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Go on expeditions. Lead explorers to discoveries. Try not to get the entire away team killed. Bring curiosities to science, document what you can't carry back.
Difficulty: Medium
Access: EC Expedition Prep
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EC branch ranks: Ensign(O-1)

The Pathfinder is the individual in charge of away missions on the government's side. They're leading a team of hardy Explorers to find any exploitable resources or scientific oddities throughout uncharted space, whether it's planet-bound or in an abandoned ship - the Pathfinder is responsible for getting it done. The Pathfinder is only ever an Expeditionary Corps Ensign (O-1), and is a staff officer who reports to Chief Science Officer.


The Pathfinder's primary responsibility to organizing and leading the Expeditionary Corps' exploration missions to away sites and spearheading the completion of the corps' Primary Mission. To accomplish this tremendous task, the Pathfinder has been given a team of Explorers specifically hired to participate in these missions. The Pathfinder is also responsible for determining whether or not additional crew such as medical experts, engineers and security escorts are required for a mission to be carried out safely or properly; almost any member of the Expeditionary Corps can be called upon to serve in away missions if the Executive Officer or Commanding Officer approves it. They can also request additional supplies from the Deck Chief if deemed necessary to carry out a mission successfully.

In the event a dedicated pilot is not available, the Pathfinder is qualified to pilot the Charon himself.

During expeditions, the Pathfinder's job is to ensure that all crew on the mission return safely and all valuable biological, archaeological and technological specimens are brought back and handed off to the appropriate science staff. This may be one of their most difficult tasks, as deep-space planets are known to have dangerous, unregistered xenofauna and flora that are not receptive to trespassers; but it is their duty to make a solid attempts in traversing, bypassing or eliminating barriers in the way of mission completion.

Roleplaying Tips

  • A Pathfinder is a professional explorer, and should have some sort of scientific training/education, try to explore your intellectual side!
  • Involving as many open players as possible in away missions is a great way to ensure everyone has fun.
  • As much as they are a professional, they're also a career field worker - the courtesy and drill style the EC is now enforcing might not be for them.