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Go to expeditions. Lead explorers to discoveries. Try not to get entire away team killed. Bring curiosities to scientists, document what you can't carry back.
Difficulty: Medium
Access: EC Expedition Prep
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The Pathfinder is the person in charge of away missions from the government side. They're leading a team of hardy Explorers to find any exploitable resources of scientific oddities on various locations in uncharted space.

What do you do

Pathfinder's main duty is to organize and lead the expeditions to away sites, carrying out the EC’s Primary Mission.

To do this, they are given command of a team of Explorers. They can also request additional supplies or personnel from Deck Officer or Executive Officer if you believe they will be needed for a successful expedition.

If NT doesn’t provide their pilot, Pathfinder can pilot the Charon himself.

Once on the expedition, their duty is to make sure that the away team members make it back alive, and to recover anything of scientific significance to pass to the relevant labs back on the ship.