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Human passenger 96px.png
Relax. Enjoy the ride. Document the expedition. Work in Hydroponics. Goof off.
Difficulty: Very Easy
Access: None
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Alternative names: Journalist, Historian, Botanist, Investor, Naturalist, Ecologist, Entertainer, Independent Observer, Sociologist, Off-Duty, Trainer
Civ branch ranks: Contractor, Civilian

The Passenger is simply along for the ride. It has no authority and no responsibilities on board the Torch, and simply wanders the halls looking for ways to entertain itself.

The Passenger has no department head. As such, the Executive Officer is responsible for ensuring that they stay out of trouble.

The Role

The Passenger role is entirely roleplay-based, with absolutely no mechanical advantages, responsibilities, authority, or even access to the various areas of the ship. It is the ideal role for players looking to simply take a break. The role's alternative titles can be used to add flavor to any given Passenger character, and thus a hook with which to create role-playing opportunities with others. As this is the entire point of the role, taking advantage of this opportunity is highly recommended.


Off-Duty is a different job than passenger but mechanically they are the same with no real roles or responsibilities. However, while a passenger is a civilian, someone with the Off-Duty title is a crewman who as the title suggests is off duty from their crew role. Off-Duty crewmen get access to the uniform vendors and they are expected to maintain professional standards as crewmen even while off duty. Other than that, they are just like a passenger meaning they should take the time to relax and wander around the ship.

Note, Off-Duty identification cards cannot be altered (mechanically) by anybody on board, including the Commanding Officer.

Roleplay Tips

  • Utilize the alternate titles! They offer unique roleplay opportunities.
  • Ecologists, Naturalists, and Historians may be able to convince the right people that they'd be valuable on an away mission.
  • Botanists may be able to convince Explorers to let them take a look at plants retrieved from exoplanets.
  • A Sociologist could go around and ask people questions about their workplace.
  • An Entertainer could collaborate with the Bartender or Cook to create something interesting in the galley!.
  • As an 'Investor', try engaging with the Corporate Liaison, Captain and SCGR - flaunt your cash!
  • The Journalist spawns with a press badge and camera drone that can take photos, transmit sound and video feeds.