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Personal Artificial Intelligence
Serve your master and follow directives
Difficulty: Easy
Access: N/A

As the Personal AI or pAI for short, it is their job to be a personal assistant to the assigned player. They come with various software and fit perfectly into the PDA devices or anywhere else. Each pAI that has been requested and downloaded can be bounded to the player or which the pAI would call 'master' in which the pAI would require to follow the orders given from their master. In order to unbound a pAI from a master, it would require the device to be wiped stripping the existing personality out of the device into ghost mode to which it can be requested again, chances of getting the same pAI in multiple rounds depends on the player who controls that unique personality in wither they are planning to play as an active person on the SEV Torch or ghost in order to become a pAI.

Getting a pAI


By default the SEV Torch would have four pAI laying around. First can be located on Deck 1 in the Cryogenic Storage, top left of the room on top of a table close to the Hot Drinks Machine. The second one is located on Deck 1 in the Research Wing, in the Fabricator Lab. The third one can be located on Deck 3 in the Cryogenic Storage, bottom left of the room on top of a table close to the Hot Drinks Machine. Finally, the last one can be located on Deck 4 in the Primary Tool Storage. If no pAI is found in those locations, scientists can produce a new pAI device which isn't very costly. Finally, a pAI can be obtained by equipping it in the character loadout from the Character Setup box, if selected the pAI device can be found in the bag.

PAI availability list.png

Using a pAI

Upon obtaining a pAI, requesting one would require picking up the device with an empty hand and clicking it again. It will prompt a screen with the only button to Request Personality upon pressing the button the player would require to wait between a couple of minutes to hours, depending on if the ghosts active want to participate as a pAI. Once the pAI indicates a personality is available to download, simply repeat the action to search for a personality and check the window box behind it, to find the personality which has been submitted by a player to which once downloaded it now becomes the player's personal AI.

PAI defaultscreen.png

Unsatisfied pAI

After downloading the personality onto the pAI device, and throughout the round the player playing the pAI might be intentionally antagonistic, not following directives or orders, or possibly not your ideal personality type. To wipe the personality, simply click the device to prompt the menu and the lowest option should be Wipe Personality. Once clicking it, it will remove the player possessing the device putting them back into ghost mode. This, however, doesn't stop them from submitting their personality if requested again.

Becoming a pAI

PAI personality config.png

In order to become a pAI, you must be observing (ghosting) at the beginning of the round and must be active. Once a player had requested a personality for the pAI, it will prompt a message to all ghosting players who had set their roles for pAI as 'High'. In which they can click, yes, no or never for the round. Pressing yes will bring out another box to submit the personality, after filling in the description box you can submit the personality to the player requesting it. It is optional to fill in the other boxes after the player had downloaded your personality onto the device you can personalize the pAI to your personality with the various chassis, speech verbs, screen emotion and software.

pAI software

pAI's have a selection of software they can download to try and aid their master. Note: Once software is downloaded, you are stuck with it unless you suicide, so choose carefully!

Software Package Function Memory Used
Directives Every pAI device is installed with Directive software.

Displays the imprint of the master including the name and imprint number (if imprinted), also allows pAI to ask for DNA sample to verify their identity, if not carried by your master, and displays your primary and secondary directives.

Radio Configuration Every pAI device is installed with Radio Configuration software.

pAIs come standard equipped with a single radio tuned in, by default, to the station general channel.

Remote Signaller Allows you to send a signal, with a code, on a frequency of your choice. 5
Crew Manifest Lists all known crew members' first and last names, as well as what occupation they're registered as in the station records. 5
Digital Messenger Allows you to send PDA messages to any active crew members. 5
Atmospheric Sensor This module works much like the handheld Analyzer carried by engineers.

It allows you to get a readout on the air around you.

Medical Records Allows you to monitor the medical records of the station, and check their current status

It's strictly read-only.

Security Records Allows you to monitor the security records of the station for your purview. Works just like the computer. Strictly read-only. 15
Security HUD Allowing you to use your advanced sensors to consciously monitor the position of everyone around you, and displaying (if any) around you is a wanted felon. 20
Medical HUD Allowing you to use your advanced sensors to continuously monitor the health of everyone around you. 20
Door Jack Enables the pAI to drop a data cable, which can be plugged into any airlock. Once plugged in, the pAI can initiate a door jack, which immediately alerts any active station AIs and takes a fairly long time to complete. After the door jacking is completed the airlock opens. 30
Universal Translator Allows you to understand a wide range of languages and able to speak in those languages. 35

pAI chassis

There is a range of chassis to choose from, allowing the pAI to move around the SEV Torch freely. Every chassis comes with the features of hiding under objects, resting and pulling small objects. It cannot open any airlocks or windows, pulling large objects, picking up objects, activating objects, inspecting computers and cause physical harm. Note: after picking a chassis you cannot change back without being wiped.


A black base for the body with two green glowing highlights behind it and green glowing eyes, its resting position has a slight animation in the tail where it swings back and forth.

PAI catfrontstand.png


A black base for the body, with the front torso being grey and green glowing eyes.

PAI corgifrontstand.png


A black base for the body and green glowing eyes.

PAI monkeyfrontstand.png


A black base for the body and green glowing eyes.

PAI rabbitfrontstand.png

Repair Bot

A grey base for the body with black legs and green eyes.

PAI repairbotfrontstand.png


A black base for the body and green glowing eyes.


A black base for the body and green glowing eyes, its resting position shares the resting position to a normal mouse.