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List of Colonies
Faction Unathi
System Uuoea-Esa
Population 85,000
Coordinates (LY) -11.3X, -21.7Y

The planet Ouere is a colonial world of the Unathi, newly accessible through the use of Precursor Gateway technology found on Moghes. Ouere, unlike Moghes, is heavily forested and green, with large oceans and heavy vegetation throughout. The poles of Ouere are covered in small ice caps, something Unathi who have never left Moghes have never seen before, and much of the world is completely unmapped. One single Unathi settlement so far exists, and it surrounds the precursor ruins where the Gateway to Ouere stands.


Ouere itself was thought little of by the Unathi before the discovery of the Gateway, it was just another planet in the sky. When the Gurzhkyi clan of the southern pole city of No'lesk discovered the precursor ruins and the gateway, they immediately laid claim to it and begun building a clan home on this new world, naming it after their Kaahnepo, Hammus. As word spread of the Gateway and of the city of Hammus, more and more Unathi began to migrate to this new world, either seeking to live in this paradise that had opened for them or to learn and take what they can from it. The planet is covered in a variety of biomes, from the arctic lands of the poles to the temperate grasslands and tundras, and further to the jungles and deserts of the interior. Most of the planet is covered in land, with the largest bodies of water being more akin to lakes and seas rather than any ocean. Most of the water can be found in subterranean caverns.

A coalition of explorers put together by the Hegemony has been sent across the planet to map it and collect as much data as they can for this world's new inhabitants.


The wildlife of Ouere is similar to that of Moghes in one extreme way: it's violent. Plants of all variety are carnivorous, and encounters with the fauna have left many Unathi injured or dead. The most common beast to have been seen around Hammus is something locally called a "baven," a large, reptilian, four-legged creature with a hard, spiked shell on its back and two tails with weighted, spiked ends. Unlike turtles, a animal of similar quality from Earth, the "baven" are extremely fast, and have been seen to climb trees. Another major characteristic is the size- almost everything on Ouere is large. The bugs are as large as a Unathi's hands, and the trees stretch hundreds of feet into the sky and as wide as five males stretched around their base.


Hammus itself is a bustling center of construction and the most advanced technology the Unathi have to offer. Buildings made of stone and metal, powered by mysterious techs controlled by the clans that have taken residence in Hammus. Powerful machinery building new structures and powering the whole complex. You can, of course, still see inklings of the more backwater sides of the Unathi, such as in the tent city that popped up around the outskirts of Hammus as enough homes have not been finished yet for all of the Unathi who have migrated here.

The Gurzhkyi clan originally laid claim to the city but with the foundation of the Hegemony, that claim was left up for the taking. If no other clan steps up, the Gurzhkyi's claim to power will be honored. In the mean time, defense and protection of the city and the gateways has been left to all members of the Hegemony.