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Nyx is the location of the only known phoron giant, countless TSC holdings, raiders, outer-rim colonists, slavers, and all kinds of other folk just looking to get rich. Nyx is located on the very edge of human controlled space, past the border of the Sol Central Government, far from anything else of import. It has become home to some of the seedier elements of humanity.

Nyx System

A red dwarf flare star far out in the frontier. There are four planets orbiting it, not including its sub-stellar companion, Erebus. Massing at only 58% of Sol's mass with 69% of Sol's radius, Nyx has a much closer "Goldilocks" zone than Sol. Nyx is known to have an unusually low equatorial velocity of approximately 1.2 km/s.


Regarded for centuries as an uninteresting substellar companion to Nyx, itself a relatively uninteresting red dwarf. Massing at 44.7 times that of Jupiter, Erebus is a T-Class brown dwarf with a surface temperature of 963K, just above the melting point of aluminium. However, the presence of Phoron in and around Erebus has driven much of the activity of the first half of the 26th century in the Nyx system. Orbiting 39.8 AU from Nyx with an eccentricity of 4%, it takes a bit more than 315 standard years for Erebus to orbit Nyx. With over 80 moons varying in diameter, Erebus is a hub of mining and corporate warfare. The most notable moon, but not the largest, is Roanake, essentially a dwarf planet, which orbits with a high enough eccentricity to have significant volcanic activity due to tidal heating.


Moros (a.k.a. Cinder, Hell) - A mercurial planet, Moros is tidally locked to Nyx with a dayside surface temperature of 980K. Unsettled, although several geological surveys have been performed on the night side. Undergoing orbital decay due to the influence of Euthenia; expected to break apart due to tidal forces within 50 million years.

Brinkburn - A martian planet, Brinkburn is small and dry yet hot enough to be habitable. Possesses a dense ring system, theorised to be the fate of primordial moons, which makes it difficult to enter or exit orbit.

Caldurk A mid-sized moon orbiting Brinkburn. It has the Mining Hub Republic of Caldurk on it, and is about the same size as Luna.

Hauler's Tragedy - A thick asteroid belt that is home to pirate activity, mining operations, and trade depots. Very few corporate interests are active in the area.

Yuclite - A superearth near the outer edge of the habitable zone, Yuclite has 40% higher surface gravity than Earth. It has been a hotbed of xenoarcheology for decades due to the remains of a civilization that existed on this world approximately 570 million years ago.

Euthenia - A superneptune massing at 46 time that of Earth, Euthenia is one of the few planets still commonly called it's original survey designation. (The surveyor is noted to have a preference for ancient Greek mythology) As an ice giant, Euthenia has had consistent economic stability thanks to the presence of fuel depots supplied by the giants atmosphere.

Roanake a large moon that orbits Erebus itself - Roanake is blistering hot, and the second largest of Erebus' moons (the other having a numerical name still). It is also populated by the colony of Roanake, itself a Corporate Oligarchy.

Notable Stations

Talon's Bull

A well visited Free Trade Union space station where a large amount of the independent trade outside of the Hauler's Tragedy is done. It is currently stationed on one of the smaller moons that orbit Erebus and has extensive facilities all across the moon's surface.

NSS Exodus

A highly profitable research, mining, and supply dock for NanoTrasen that serves as one of their many facilities in exploiting phoron. It is currently orbiting around Erebus and maintains close contact with the NAS Crescent. The station itself has been a target for a large number of Mercenaries and other companies wishing to steal NanoTrasen's secrets.

The station was initially completed in the 2555 CE, two years after the infamous vessel NSV Luna was decommissioned from service, and has been renovated several times since then. The station is crewed by approximately 50 to 60 employees who transfer periodically to and from the NAS Crescent (colloquially known as CentComm or Central Command).

NAS Crescent

The main hub for NanoTrasen in the Nyx system and is commonly referred to by its workers as central command or "Centcomm". The Crescent refines and stores many of the products, data and minerals that stations (such as the Exodus) bring in. It is also a large refuelling and supply station of phoron and tritium in the Nyx system due to NanoTrasen being able to outsell almost any other company.

Emerald Habitation

A relatively sub-par housing station that has a large population of aliens. The facility has areas for shopping, a few restaurants, and multiple blocks for living arrangements. The station is crowded, busy, and the air quality is a recurring issue. Nonetheless, it allows lower income spacers the means to travel in the Nyx system.

The Void Star

No one quite knows who founded the Void Star, or indeed who actually controls it. Theories range from a corporate money-laundering operation to interstellar mobsters, with the more far-fetched even suggesting the place has always been there, like some kind of haunt. Theories about management are just as varied, though those who have been deep "behind the scenes" generally claim they've spoken to shrouded figures, ranging from one to a whole panel of three to eight.

The Void Star is best described as a casino, complete with all the garish neon, advertisements and flashing lights such a description would entail. Orbiting at the edge of the Hauler's Tragedy, the Void Star can sometimes even be spotted with the naked eye - flashing and pulsing through the dull, dark asteroid belt like a beacon, broadcasting all manner of advertisements and promises for the gullible on just about any unencrypted frequency.

Despite the Star's remote location, traffic tends to be heavy. Despite the proximity to Brinkburn, the Star remains a relatively safe place. The Star employs a well-equipped fleet of defence craft, mercenaries and sophisticated drones, all ruthlessly enforcing the peace. As long as you have money you're willing to spend, the Void Star welcomes just about anyone.

Some even call the Star home, as the sprawling asteroid-station offers hotel services; luxurious or spartan. Addicts, smugglers, pirates and privateers - you'll find them all at the Void Star, ostensibly on their best behaviour.