NanoTrasen Corporate Liaison

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Corporate Liaison
Represent Nanotrasen's interests on board the Torch. Keep the mission focused on the opportunities for research and business. Advise the CO and RD on matters of company policy. Report back to NanoTrasen with progress. Investigate breaches of Corporate Regulations.
Difficulty: Easy
Access: Research Division, Corporate Liaison's Office, Bridge, Docking Port, Pilot's Lounge
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The Corporate Liaison is a unique role on board the Torch. They represent Nanotrasen's board of investors on board the vessel, and are responsible for both overseeing Research department operations and ensuring that Command takes the desires of its corporate partners into account when deciding upon matters of ship procedure. They investigate possible breaches of corporate regulations, report to Nanotrasen via fax machine, and act according to the company's orders.

The Corporate Liaison technically answers to no one, as explained below. An intelligent Liaison, however, will think very carefully before disobeying instructions from the Commanding Officer or other Command personnel.

The Role

The role of Corporate Liaison is largely defined by the player. With no mechanical requirements, the job consists almost entirely of coming up with whatever corporate directives, within reason, the player thinks would be interesting to role-play, and bringing these to the attention of Research and Command. It allows for a more player-driven set of goals while still technically being part of the Command structure.

Beyond this, the Corporate Liaison is responsible for enforcing corporate regulations on board the ship. In the event of breaches of regulation, the Liaison can contact Nanotrasen (in reality, any active administrators) via fax machine from their office with a report containing all relevant information. Ideally, the response will be prompt, succinct, and provide clear instructions for moving forward, such as demoting all personnel in violation of said regulations. Investigations into breaches of policy should be well-documented, with recorded witness statements, signed witness documents, and photos of any property damage. The Liason is responsible for remaining unbiased in the course of making these reports (though, of course, corporate headquarters cannot read minds in this regard, and a corrupt Liaison has many opportunities to alter accounts in their favor).

In the absence of a Research Director and Senior Researcher, the Corporate Liaison has authority over all Nanotrasen personnel on board. The Liaison is also the only member of corporate personnel on board with the authority to promote a staff member to the position of Research Director, should the need arise. The Liaison is, however, not a Scientist, and should never undertake active laboratory work.

The Liaison can also, if the Research Director has not already done so, make a formal request for supplies from other departments on board the Torch on behalf of the Research department.

Relationship With Command

The Corporate Liaison has no official authority on board the Torch outside of the Research department. They have access to the Bridge, and the responsibility to advise the Commanding Officer with the intent of keeping the Torch's mission focused on generating profit for Nanotrasen (mining for phoron, recovering useful artifacts, and so on), but no actual ability to force any personnel to obey their commands.

However, this existence outside of traditional command structures is not without its benefits. While the Liaison cannot issue orders to any personnel outside of Research, they technically also cannot be ordered, save by the Commanding Officer themselves (and, even then, most Liaisons tend to treat the CO's orders as polite suggestions at best). Even the Research Director cannot issue orders to the Liaison (though the Liaison also cannot issue orders to the Director; they are essentially equal in this regard, and expected to cooperate with one another in order to ensure that Nanotrasen's interests on board the ship are protected).

The Corporate Liaison, like the Research Director, also cannot be demoted by any personnel on board the Torch. Only a direct order from corporate headquarters (usually brought about by a fax from the Liaison or Director) can strip a Liaison of their internal authority. The Liaison can still be arrested for breaches of SCG law, as with all other Research personnel, but they cannot legally be stripped of their authority within the company itself, and they are not responsible for ensuring that SCG law is upheld within the Research department.

Roleplaying Tips

  • Focus on profit. Encourage the department Scientists to focus their efforts on experiments which might lead to new sources of revenue.
  • Document everything.
  • Hold meetings with Command staff about applying promising technologies and anomalies for the good of the Torch - for a fee, of course.
  • Throw corporate parties after big scientific finds.
  • Maintain unbiased professionalism when in an investigation. Or don't.