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How to Command mobs

How To Train Your Bear (Or other simple commanded mob)

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In order to control a pet or summon, you need to address it, give a command word, and give a target (if appropriate).

To address a pet, use its name. Case doesn't matter.

To address all of your pets, use "everyone" or "everybody".

Common Command Words

"stay" will make a pet stay where it is currently standing.

"stop" will make a pet stay, and also stop attacking if it is currently attacking.

"attack" will make a pet attack a named target.

"follow" will make a pet follow a named target.

Targets are required for "attack" and "follow". To give a target, use the target's name. Case doesn't matter. You can target yourself with "me".

Specific to Bears

"dance", "boogie", and "boogy" will make the bear dance.

Specific to Nanomachines

"heal" will make the nanomachines heal a named target for brute and fire, damaging the nanomachines in return.

"emergency protocol activate" will allow the nanomachines to kill themselves by healing their target.

"emergency protocol deactivate" will prevent the nanomachines from killing themselves by healing.

"emergency protocol check" will make the nanomachines say whether or not emergency protocol is on.


I have a space bear named Ted. I want Ted to follow me. "ted follow me"

I have three carp. I want them to follow Flora Daniels. "everyone follow flora"

I have a single corgi named corgi (3). I want it to stay here. "everyone stay"

My space bear Ted is attacking Marvin Stockwell. I want it to stop. "ted stop"

Ted should be dancing. This is a good tune. "ted boogie"


A pet will attack anything that attacks it first, so long as the pet can attack.