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Trade with personnel of the Torch and its traitors.
Difficulty: Easy
Access: Merchant's vessel

The merchant is a character who uses his or her credits, contacts and guile to trade with the people of the vessel and turn a profit. While merchants are not part of the crew, they are not Antagonists either and must be sure to conduct their business while generally following solgov law. Merchants who are found to be in severe violation of Solgov laws and ship regulations may have their docking privileges revoked. That's bad for business! Profit and self-preservation should be your guiding principles for playing a merchant.

Merchant is not available every round. At the start of the new round, there is a chance that it will be open, similar to the stowaway role.

How To Run An Honest Buisness

When you start the round as a Merchant, you spawn at the merchant outpost instead of the Torch, with nothing but the clothes on your back, a merchant's pass, To get trading, you'll have to acquire goods, load them onto your ship, and pilot it out to the vessel.

Your Outpost

Take a moment to explore your surroundings. There are numerous ways on your outpost to acquire goods to sell, the primary of which is the console in the warehouse (more on that later.) In the small medbay and shuttle control room, you'll find a weapon. In the warehouse, you'll also find some loose Thaler, an odd assortment of materials, and a few randomly spawned objects. Finally, an unlocked autolathe is available in maintenance, perfect for printing ammo for all the guns you might sell, amongst other nefarious goods. All these items can be excellent for some profit, as you should know.