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The Medical Skills

The medicine skill covers the understanding of the human body and medicine. At a low level, this skill gives a basic understanding of applying common types of medicine, and a rough understanding of medical devices like the health analyzer. At a high level, this skill grants exact knowledge of all the medicine available on the installation, as well as the ability to use complex medical devices like the body scanner or mass spectrometer.

Mechanical Implications

The levels you choose when selecting your skills may have a strong mechanical impact on your effectiveness in providing medical treatment and care, so it is important to review this and consider which levels are most important to the character you are building and the role they need to fill.

Health Analyzer Healthanalyzer.png

  • Unskilled - Will display only some of the usual information, formatted in an unhelpful way.
  • Basic and above - Works normally.

Body Scanner Body scanner m.png

  • Unskilled - Gives basic information, with many omissions and bad formatting.
  • Basic/Trained - Gives somewhat obfuscated information.
  • Experienced and above - Works normally.

Syringes Syringes.png

  • Unskilled - Injecting always works as if you are on harm intent. Drawing blood will usually harm the patient, but has a chance of drawing blood properly.
  • Basic and above - Works normally.
  • Time spent drawing/injecting is dependent on skill level.

IV Drip IVdrip.png

  • Unskilled - Removing the IV will always rip it out, inserting the IV has a chance of failing and hurting the patient.
  • Basic and above - Removing the IV is as normal.
  • Time spent hooking up and removing IVs is dependent on skill level.

Sleeper Sleeper 0.png

  • Unskilled - The dialysis and pump options are unavailable. Patient status is not displayed.
  • Basic - Everything is available. Patient status is not displayed.
  • Trained and above - Works as normal.

Defibrillator Defib.png

  • Unskilled - Has a chance of just shocking the patient, of shocking the user, or of actually working correctly.
  • Basic and above - Works as normal, with the paddle placement time modified by skill level.

Splints Splint.png

  • When applying to others, failure chance scales with medical skill, with guaranteed success at Trained.
  • Time to apply scales with skill level.