Medical Jobs

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Chief Medical Officer
CMO-EC.pngCMO-Fleet.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Hard
Coordinate the Medical staff to keep the crew healthy and alive. Guide trainees and rookies. Advise the CO in matters of health.
SPhy-EC.pngSPhy-Fleet.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Hard
Heal injuries. Cure infections. Perform surgery. Keep people upright and breathing through any means necessary.
Phy-EC.pngPhy-Fleet.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Medium
Respond to medical emergencies. Retrieve patients. Assist the Physicians.
Medical Contractor
Med-Asst.pngContractor.png Branch: Passenger (Contractor)
Difficulty: Easy to Hard
Assist the Infirmary staff in any way you can. Be a specialist.
Coun.png Branch: Crew or Passenger (Contractor)
Difficulty: Easy
Keep the crew mentally stable. Provide funeral services. Perform religious functions.

Medical Guides