Medical Contractor

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Medical Contractor
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Assist the Infirmary staff in any way you can. Be a specialist.
Difficulty: Easy to Hard
Access: Infirmary
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Alternative names: Orderly, Virologist, Xenosurgeon, Paramedic

The Medical Contractor is a catch-all role for civilian doctors, and covers a variety of specialist fields depending on which specific title is selected. The specific job description varies according to this also, but all Medical Contractors, as contracted personnel, are technically supposed to obey orders from all crew in the Medical department, no matter how low their rank. Given that Medical work is more a matter of qualifications than of rank, however, it's rare to see a Corpsman trying to issue orders to a Xenosurgeon or Virologist.

Like all other Medical personnel, though, Contractors still answer to the Chief Medical Officer.


Any given Contractor's specific job depends largely on their area of specialty. Those using the job titles of Medical Contractor and Xenosurgeon are, for all intents and purposes, Physicians, while anyone wearing an Orderly or Paramedic label is roughly equivalent to a Corpsman, and Chemists are generally assumed to be trained only in the preparation of medications. Check those pages for more information. The Virologist on the other hand, is a job of its own.

Virologists are personnel specialized in the creation and curing of diseases. They work, appropriately enough, in the Virology laboratory, and are responsible for curing any personnel who come down with a viral pathogen during the course of their stay on the ship. In between cases, they attempt to artificially create new, interesting, and spectacularly lethal viruses, then try desperately not to infect the rest of the crew.