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This page lists OOC information for malfunctioning AIs.


As a malfunctioning AI, your primary goal is to overtake map's systems. To do this, use "Basic Encryption Hack" on APCs (right click on an APC and select Basic Encryption Hack). Note that hacked APCs have a distinctive blue error screen that tends to attract attention. Remember that malfunctioning AI is an antagonist, so read server rules for antagonists. While hacking APCs is your basic goal for progression, feel free to create a custom goal, as long as it is fun for everyone.


As a malfunctioning AI you may select one hardware piece to help you. Once you select a hardware piece you cannot select another, so choose wisely! Hardware may be selected by clicking the "Select Hardware" button in the Hardware tab.

  • APU Generator: Allows you to operate without external power while your core health is above 50%. While the APU is active you will not generate CPU and will be unable to use most abilities.
  • Turrets Focus Enhancer: Removes safeties on your core turrets, boosting their rate of fire, health and allowing them to self-repair at the cost of considerably increased power usage.
  • Secondary Processor Unit: Increases your CPU generation to 150% of the normal rate.
  • Secondary Memory Bank: Increases your CPU storage to 200% of the normal amount.
  • Self-Destruct Explosives: When activated by a button in your Hardware tab, runs a 15 second timer and then causes a large explosion, even if you are dead.


Software are abilities unlocked via the research menu in the Hardware tab, in trees with tiers. Unlocked abilities appear in Software tab.


Hacking-oriented abilities.

T1: Basic Encryption Hack. Required to hack APCs, which is how you get more powerful.

T2: Advanced Encryption Hack. Allows you to create fake command messages. Can fail, and will eventually warn the crew.

T3: Elite Encryption Hack. Allows you to change the alert level to anything. Can fail.

T4: System Override. Allows you to take control of all remaining APCs immediately. Once complete, allows you to self destruct the map.


Sabotage-oriented abilities.

T1: Recall Shuttle. You can cancel evacuations.

T2: Unlock Cyborg. You can remove the lockdown from any cyborg, allowing you to free any minions you might have.

T3: Hack Cyborg. Should unlinked cyborgs be present, allows you to force them under your control.

T4: Hack AI. Should other AIs be present, allows you to force them under your control.


Physical-oriented abilities.

T1: Electrical Pulse. Break lights and sometimes APCs in an area.

T2: Reboot Camera. Reactivate cameras that have been bashed or disabled by EMP.

T3: Emergency Forcefield. Create a weak temporary forcefield that blocks atmosphere.

T4: Machine Overload. Overload machines, destroying them in a small explosion.

T5: Machine Upgrade. Allows you to upgrade various machines, typically making them EMP proof and more useful. Cameras can see through walls. Turrets cannot be AI locked.


Helpers that help you hide your activities.

T1: Intellicard Interception. You can choose whether someone can remove you from your core with an intellicard.

T2: Subtle Algorithms. APCs generate less CPU, but no longer show an error screen when hacked.

T3: Relay Suppression. The crew will no longer be warned about sketchy command messages.

T4: Relay Override. The crew cannot use any remote communications, including emergency messages and faxes.