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  New Players
Welcome, new players!

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Read about the lore of Baystation 12.
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  Mechanics & Guides
Jobs and Roles
Jobs and roles are played by players during the game, either as a member of the ships crew or as an antagonist.








Special Roles
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These are a list of objects found in the game.

Welderon.gif Blankid.png Rwallbig.png Autolathebig.png Bcakebig.png Closetgreybig.png
Handheld Tools
and Weapons
Clothing &
Turfs Machines Food &

These are list of locations found in the game.

SEV Torch (Current map)
SEV Torch Deck B.png
SEV Torch Deck 1.png
SEV Torch Deck 2.png
SEV Torch Deck 3.png
SEV Torch Deck 4.png
Deck B Deck 1 Deck 2 Deck 3 Deck 4

These are some guides which may not fit into any particular category.

Gameplay Guides
 • Combat  • Controls  • EVA  • Internals
 • Hardsuit  • Crash Course In Roleplaying  • Terminology  • Records
 • Traitor  • Random Events  • Admin Tools  • Hacking
Torch Guides
 • Alert Procedure  • Standard Operating Procedure  • Sol Central Government Law  • Corporate Regulations
 • Sol Code of Military Justice  • Guide to Paperwork  • Uniform Guide  • Military Guide
Job Guides
 • Engineering  • Supermatter Engine  • Solars  • Atmospherics
 • Guide to Construction  • Guide to Xenobiology  • Guide to Medicine  • Surgery
 • Guide to Chemistry  • Guide to Virology