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List of Colonies
Magnitka flag.png
Faction Independent
System Ursa
Population 54 millions
Founded 2210
Coordinates (LY) 24.8X, -12.4Y

Magnitka is a colony in the remote Ursa system. Its government holds trade agreements with neighboring independent systems and the Gilgamesh Colonial Confederation, but otherwise keeps to its own affairs. They have heavily developed iron mining and metallurgy operations, and have a reputation for renting land to less reputable corporations and individuals.


  • 2214. Earth's German corps, led by Hephaestus Industries, needed more iron ore. They shipped some poor labor to this planet along with some prefabs and mining drills. When the price of iron dropped due to the technological advances, another source of income was found - selling land to corporations for test sites and planetside research facilities.
  • 2225. Eventually an incident with an (accidental) viral leak from NanoTrasen-owned facility triggered a classic slavic riot, which then turned into a typical civil war, with lots and lots of atrocities.
  • 2260. After few years of fratricide, most eager rebellion leaders were taken out by mercenary strike teams hired by the corps who feared nationalization that rebels promised in case they win. Headless rebels were eventually wiped out by the loyalist forces, and several laws restricting (mostly in name) the corporate facilities were passed in order to appease the general populace.


With memories of bloody rebellion still fresh, government is quite 'protective'. Strict ID policies, surveillance cameras in all big cities and notorious State Security Service, ran with German efficiency and Slavic ruthlessness. With focus being on terrorists and political crimes, more 'mundane' police departments are often underfunded and understaffed.

There are several movements against corporate installations, for reasons varying from red to green. Only the tamest ones are allowed to operate legally, with rest going underground. Their activities range from hacking to holograffiti to assassinations to bioterrorism.


Most of planet is cold, red (due to high iron content) plains. It's a bit smaller than Earth, but denser, so gravitation is almost same. Due to red color it's sometimes called 'Little Mars', but unlike actual Mars its surface is not a desert, but plains covered in reddish-brown weeds and bushes. Most rivers run underground, with lakes along their way.

Relatively small surface is urbanized, leaving a lot of space for numerous corporate testing sites and planetside research facilities. There are only two big cities:

  • Labortown, capital, holding most administrative functions and planet's only spaceport. Located near equator of the planet.
  • Minendorf, where planet's iron processing industries are concentrated. Located near the biggest iron mine in the northern territories.


They drink. A lot. Since corporations usually staff their facilities with brought personnel for security reasons, biggest career paths youngsters have are mining, organized crime, or military. A lot try to flee the planet at first opportunity.

People who survived through the civil war bear intense hatred towards all kinds of rebels, seeing them as doom-bringing no-gooders. Younger generation is raised on those stories too, but propaganda is not as thick nowdays.

Due to lack of natural lumber-producing flora, wooden furniture and goods are considered very luxurious.


Colonization program was mostly sponsored by German transstellars, using cheap Slavic labor, so descendants of these two groups comprise the population.

There are two big cities, surrounded by metropolitan areas, but the rest of population lives in small settlements around the iron mines, spaced sparsely on the surface.


Economy is not really bustling. Iron is still an important resource, but it's getting cheaper by the day as efficiency and recycling improve.

Most income comes from corp rent, providing corporations with land, breathable atmosphere and minimal government oversight.