List of Colonies

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System Name Faction Description History
Nyx Brikburn N/A Brinkburn is a relatively small terrestrial planet with several desert and volcanic traits, and a diameter of approximately 4500 km. Most parts of the planet tend to suffer of occasional sandstorms, and there's a large active volcano in it's southern part. It's of a characteristic red colour, even more red than Mars itself. After the failure of attempted colonization by a corporation, Brikburn would become an anarchic planet generally known for it's criminal hubs.
Nyx Caldurk Republic of Caldurk Caldurk is a mid-sized moon with a diameter of approximately 600 km, with only one actual populated settlement existing on it. With the failure of Brinkburn, many residents moved to Calkdurk, where it's rich mineral deposits would fuel its independent status.
Nyx Casser Grayson Manufactories Ltd. Casser is a medium sized moon with one of the largest orbit radius's of all the moons of Erebus. Its southern 'pole' (relatively) has been hollowed out by the mining operations, with a nearly 5 mile long diameter and over 50 miles deep and been given the local name of "The Pit". Mining colony by GTM.
Nyx Roanake N/A Roanake is a medium-large solid moon with a diameter of approximately 6000 km. It's possibly one of the most dangerous natural environments in the entire galaxy, as it's dense and blistering hot atmosphere (constantly between 500 and 600 celsius) is composed mostly of phoron, with minor traces of oxygen being present due to the nearby supermatter's influence in Erebus, which gives the moon a noticeable light purple, orange and gray colour. Mining colony.
Nyx Yuclite N/A Yuclite is a fairly large terrestrial, rocky planet, with a diameter of approximately 18000 km. It has a very high gravity, and despite that modern medicines can easily deal with many of the ailments caused by it, all formal settlements have artificial gravity generators to reduce this gravity to a more livable level. Mining colony.
Klaudof Avalon Kingdom of Avalon Avalon is a medium-sized verdant world with a tropical climate, mainly composed of a freshwater sea and dotted archipelagos. Its atmosphere contains a unique mix of properties perfectly suited for fertility in Earth life. After a human colony ship crashlanded here, the population regressed to an approximation of early Medieval culture and technology. Trade partner of the SCG.
Wythe Saveel N/A The Colony of Saveel itself is located in a wooded valley on the larger of two southern continents, largely sheltered from winter windstorms, and has grown to cross a river that runs through the valley. The valley itself has been largely converted into farmland, growing a variety of tundra crops and feeding the local livestock. Hunting parties can range hundreds of miles in search of prey, including to the southern pole, and further north into warmer climates. Saveel is an isolationist independent planet.
Harr'kelm Harr'qac Skrell The planet consists of 40% ocean, but small lakes are very common, and planet itself seems nearly as humid as Qerrbalak. Some of the surface consists of swamps and jungles, but most is more like temperate forests or grasslands, which are more humid, rainy, and generally contain more water. Skrell first found this planet about the year 2300 on their research flight. They found a smaller planet with developed life. They first tried sending signals towards the planet, but when they got no response, they used their large-scale scanners and surveillance drones to search for any intelligent lifeform activity, like cities or industry. When they found nothing, they decided to colonise the planet, as it resembled Qerrbalak in terms of climatic conditions.
Harr'kelm Qerrna'Lakirr Skrell Qerrna'Lakirr possesses a radius twice as large as that of Earth. It lacks a hospitable atmosphere, prompting all except the Dionaea to don protective gear when stepping outside the state's high-up walls. Mining colony.
XX-168 Tau-Wilo Xynergy A small planet with low gravity conditions. The dense atmosphere of the world contains traces of Phoron. Hosts a large indigenous biosphere with thick jungle-analogues covering most of its surface, with many creatures such as large bird-analogues and insectoids. Birthplace of Giant Armoured Serpentids. Xynergy has a number of research bases here.
Sol Earth Sol Central Government A medium-sized planet with an arid environment. Birthplace of the humans.
Ursa Magnitka Independent A medium-sized cold planet with red-colored surface due to high iron content in the soil. Mining colony. Strict government is de-facto controlled by corporations.
Gilgamesh Terra Terran Colonial Confederation A relatively large planet with an Earth-like environment. Capital of the Terran Colonial Confederation.
Gilgamesh Novaya Zemlya Terran Colonial Confederation A barren and hot planet with rich mineral deposits. Location of the Novaya Zemlya shipyards, as well as the largest mining and manufacturing operations in Confederation space.