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Clean and maintain the spaceship. Replace broken lights. Put up wet floor signs.
Difficulty: Very Easy
Access: Custodial Closet, Maintenance
Alternative names: Sanitation Technician
EC branch ranks: Explorer(E-3)
Fleet branch ranks: Petty Officer Third Class(E-4), Crewman(E-3), Crewman Apprentice(E-2)
Civ branch ranks: Contractor

The Janitor is responsible for keeping the ship from becoming a complete mess after the various disasters that consistently befall it. They wage an eternal war against dirt, uncleanliness, broken light bulbs, and crew without access to non-slip shoes.

As part of the Service department, the Janitor answers directly to the Executive Officer.

The Role

The Janitor has one of the simplest and easiest roles on the ship: wander about, find areas that are getting dirty, and make them stop being dirty. They are also expected to replace any broken light bulbs they find.

All of this largely comes down to tugging the janitorial cart around, setting up Wet Floor signs, and mopping up any dirt, blood, or other substances that have been spilled onto the floor. Occasionally, some department or other might put out a specific call for janitorial assistance when some lights get broken or a firefight leaves the place looking like a butcher shop, but aside from this, the Janitor is largely expected to work under their own direction.

At the start of the shift, the Janitor will need to use their bucket to fill up the janitorial cart's dedicated reservoir, collect their various supplies, and get ready for several hours of dealing with the ship's limitless supply of filth. It is also recommended to mentally steel oneself against the inevitable abuses heaped upon the sanitation crew by those who fail to pay attention to wet floor signs. After this is complete, the Janitor is free to wander the ship at their leisure in search of messes to vanquish.


  • Janitorial Cart: The Janitor's central tool. Mobile storage for the mop, mop bucket, trash bag, light replacer, space cleaner, and wet floor signs.
  • Mop: The second most important tool. After being moistened, usually with the mop bucket, can be used to clean any mess left on the floor. Leaves temporarily slippery areas behind when used with water, which will cause anyone who is not set to Walk to fall upon moving over them.
  • Wet Floor Sign: Used to warn others of slippery floors left behind after mopping. Inevitably ignored.
  • Galoshes: A pair of bright-yellow boots. Slip-resistant.
  • Work Gloves: Thick, fire-resistant gloves to prevent accidental burns when changing active lights.
  • Mop Bucket: Can be filled with water for the mop. Part of the janitorial cart.
  • Plunger: A plunger. Used to unclog sinks, toilets, and the like when they become clogged. Clogs are easily located by standing water, and will have an audible cue when gotten near.
  • Trash Bag: Can be used to pick up all trash from a tile for easy disposal.
  • Space Cleaner: A spray bottle filled with non-slip cleaner. Has a limited supply and must be refilled by the Chemist.
  • Bucket: Used to transfer water from the water tank to the mop bucket.
  • Water Tank: A tank containing water for refilling other things.
  • Light Replacer: Used to replace broken light bulbs and tubes. Has a limited supply of light bulbs. Can be refilled from a box of light bulbs.
  • Box of Replacement Lights: A box containing light bulbs and tubes.
  • Pest-B-Gon Mousetraps: Used to trap those pesky mice that keep managing to get onto the ship somehow. Bluespace, probably.
  • Cleaner Grenade: A grenade that explodes with CLEAN. Make war on dirt.
  • Flashlight: A portable light source, for use in maintenance tunnels.
  • Soap: A simple bar of soap. Must be occasionally washed in a sink or in a bucket full of water in order to retain effectiveness.