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SEV Torch
SEV Torch Deck 1
Clearance Medical
Purpose This area is where all medical services take place.

The Infirmary is where most of the crew goes in the event of a medical problem.


Location Description Access

Infirmary Lobby

Infirmary Reception

Examination Room

Infirmary Storage

This room also serves as the auxiliary entrance to the infirmary

Chemistry Laboratory

Mental Health

Infirmary Washroom

Treatment Center

Sub-Acute Ward

Operating Theatre

This is where all you surgeons will go to perform surgery on your various patients. It contains all of the most important equipment you will need in order to do your job and save lives, so learn it well. It's located in the top-center (or "starboard") of the Infirmary, just outside of the Treatment Ward.

There's also an IV drip, a basic NanoMed vendor, a freezer, and a surgical health analyzer console, all within easy reach of the table. For more information on what all of these do, be sure to check the Guide to Medicine and Surgery pages.

Operating Theatre 2

The advantage that the Operating Theatre 2 has over over the other operating theatre is that it has easy access to the bioprinter and prosthesis fabricator, which makes it ideal for quick organ transplants. Try to use the other Operating Theatre unless there's good reason, such as a critical patient who needs immediate treatment while the other one is occupied. You also share access to the room with robotics.

Locker Room





Location Description Access