General Utility Pod

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General Utility Pod
SEV Torch
SEV Torch Deck 5
Clearance Mining, Cargo, Science, Exploration
Purpose A small shuttle used for many different tasks but mainly by mining, for mining.

The General Utility Pod or GUP, as the name suggests, is a very small spacecraft used for a range of purposes.

Inside the GUP you will find seats for 3 passengers, a backup generator, the GUP's SMES, the atmosphere canisters and the pilot's station. There is a small amount of space available for storing extra equipment but the GUP tends to get cramped easily.

The GUP is the primary vessel for prospectors to use while searching for sources of materials. If no prospectors are active then the GUP is also used as a backup vessel for those times where the expedition team stops responding and somebody has to go to check.

The GUP does not have a dedicated airlock, the whole internal compartment must be vented and stored in the canister. The GUP can be prone to becoming the source of atmospherics issues on returning to the Torch. thanks to the limited capacity of the air canister combined with the possibly hazardous environments it can land in.

Similarly to the Charon the GUP is powered by a mix of CO2) for map movement and Hydrogen for maneuvers. Hydrogen must be loaded into the fuel port at the back of the vessel while CO2 is provided from the canister.