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For the aspiring Roboticist, this guide will explain the creation and maintenance of Prosthetics, Robots, bots, augments and exosuits.

Full Body Prosthetic (Cyborg)

See also Prosthetics.

At some point replacing an arm or a leg is not enough. Where medical science fails, steel and ingenuity will succeed.

Full Body Prosthetics are Cyborgs in the truest sense of the word. Organic beings that for any number of reasons required their brains be transplanted into a new shell. Unlike bound synthetics they keep their free will and personalities intact.

Making a Full Body Prosthetic

  1. Fill the Fabricator.png Exosuit Fabricator with as much Metal.png metal as it will hold.
  2. Click on the Exosuit Fabricator to open its menu. You will need all the same parts you'd need for a Bound Synthetic except the endoskeleton.
  3. Wait for a few minutes for the pieces to be built.
  4. When putting the parts together, use the Cyborg Torso as a base.
    • The Cyborg Head will need 2x Flash.png Flash.
    • The Cyborg Torso will need 1x CableCoils.png wires and 1x Power cell.png power cell.
    • At this point you can attach the head to the torso, you will be prompted to choose a source species and a name for the body.
    • The arms and legs can then be attached as usual for prosthetic repairs.
    • Finally you will need a mind for the machine. Usually you will want an MMI put inside it. Open up the head using surgery and install the MMI.

Prosthetic Limb Repair

Most damage to prosthetic limbs can simply be repaired with a welder or cable coil, however if the damage becomes too severe, or damage to internal synthetics becomes an issue, you will need to bring the patient to an operating table and perform repairs there.

While targeting the damaged body part:

  1. Screwdriver4.png Open the part's hatch using a screwdriver.
  2. Crowbar.png Pry open the hatch using a crowbar.
  3. CableCoils.png|Welderon 32px.gif Repair the damages using cable coils for burns and welding for brute damage.
  4. Crowbar.png Close and secure the hatch using a crowbar.
  5. Screwdriver4.png Seal the chest's hatch using a screwdriver.

Note: Often prosthetic-users will have taken damage on several parts at once. For ease of repair and speed, remember to use the numpad body-part selection hotkeys.

Bound Synthetic (Android/Robot)

See also Cyborgification Contracts. These contracts are important - without a signed, stamped contract, making a man into a machine is technically murder - no matter how much he wants it!

The Bound Synthetic is the Roboticist's primary creation and upkeep. They are tasked with helping the station's inhabitants in their daily life and trying to kill everyone when the AI is insane. Each Bound Synthetic is required to follow the AI's laws, and may choose one of the AIs in the event that more than one exists.

Making a Bound Synthetic

  1. Fill the Fabricator.png Exosuit Fabricator with as much Metal.png metal as it will hold.
  2. Click on the Exosuit Fabricator to open its menu. Select Add all parts to queue beside the Cyborg option, and then click Process Queue in the right sidebar (with a recent update, please note that adding "all parts" will print four extra components that are only used for repair, not construction).
  3. Wait for a few minutes for the pieces to be built. You will likely need to add additional metal to the Fabricator in order for it to finish.
  4. When putting the parts together, use the Cyborg endoskeleton.png Cyborg Endoskeleton as a base.
    • The Cyborg Head will need 2x Flash.png Flash.
    • The Cyborg Torso will need 1x CableCoils.png wires and 1x Power cell.png power cell.
    • The arms and legs can be done easily by simply picking them up and placing them on the Cyborg Endoskeleton.
    • Finally you will need a mind for the machine. Active positronic brains, their non-sentient ai-circuit counterparts or MMIs are all valid choices.

Extract a brain for the Bound Synthetic

Note: Check with the Chief Medical Officer before agreeing to perform a brain extraction on a living human. Medbay has anesthetics, which are optimal when someone is cutting into your skull with a circular saw. Additionally, it will clear up bookkeeping problems regarding the addition of a new cadaver in the morgue.

  1. (Optional) Complete Prepping for Surgery.
  2. Aim for the organ's location in the Zone sel.png Damage Zone. (Head for brain/eyes, chest for heart/liver/lungs, groin for appendix/kidney)
  3. Use a Scalpel.png scalpel to cut back the flesh.
  4. Use the Hemostat.png hemostat to stop any potential bleeding.
  5. Use your Retractor.png retractors to lift up the skin.
  6. Use the Saw.png saw to cut through the bones.
  7. Use the Retractor.png retractor to separate the bones.
  8. Use the Scalpel.png scalpel. This will open up a window asking you which organ you'd like to cut loose. Select the Brain.
  9. Use the Hemostat.png 'hemostat. This will open up a window asking you which loose organ you'd like to remove. Select the Brain again.
  10. Place the brain in an MMI empty.png MMI.
  11. (Optional) Before you give the Bound Synthetic a new brain, you can name it anything you or your client wants. Grab a Pen.png pen and use the pen on the Bound Synthetic to rename it. Once you place the brain in the Bound Synthetic, this step will not be completable.
  12. Carry the MMI.png MMI over to your finished Cyborg construct that you made before, and click on it to add the brain into the Bound Synthetic.

You can also use a normal table instead of an operating table, but this has a chance of missing one third of the time.

So You Decapitated Your Patient

Don't panic just yet! You can still complete the brain extraction by placing their head on the operating table and following the same steps as above. You should probably apologize to them after putting their brain in an MMI, though.

Bound Synthetic Maintenance

You'll often have bound synthetics run up to you with any number of problems. Here's how to deal with them most of the time.

Occasionally a robot will be so damaged that only the brain is salvageable, or perhaps it's volunteering for an AI core. You can remove the brain by following these steps.

  1. Id regular.png Swipe an ID with Robotics access to unlock the panel.
  2. Crowbar.png Crowbar open the panel. This takes a moderate amount of time.
  3. Power cell.png Remove the bound synthetic's power cell by clicking on it with an empty hand.
  4. Screwdriver4.png Use a screwdriver to expose the wires.
  5. Wirecutters.png Cut all five wires with wirecutters.
  6. Crowbar.png Use a crowbar to remove the MMI/Posibrain/circuit.

Upgrading the Power Cell

Bound synthetics that start when the game starts will likely come straight to you for an upgrade in the first few minutes of the game. Help them out by upgrading their power cell, which will lessen the amount of time they need to visit the recharging station. Click on the Bound Synthetic with the following items (in order):

  1. Id regular.png Swipe an ID with Robotics access to unlock the panel.
  2. Crowbar.png Crowbar open the panel.
  3. Click on the bound synthetic with an R hand active.pngL hand active.png empty hand to take out the Power cell.png power cell and replace it with the higher-capacity power cell.
    • Note: The default power cell in Bound Synthetics is an advanced power cell with a rating of 1,000 wh. The Science Department can research power cells that even exceed 3,000 Wh.
  4. Crowbar.png Crowbar the panel shut.
  5. Id regular.png Swipe an ID with Robotics access to relock the cover.

Resetting Modules

Once a player bound synthetic chooses a module (Engineer, Janitor, Security, etc.) they cannot change the module without your help. You can manually reset its module to allow it the option of choosing a new one by following this order:

  1. Id regular.png Swipe an ID with Robotics access to unlock the panel.
  2. Crowbar.png Crowbar open the panel.
  3. Robotics reset module circuit.png Print out a reset upgrade in the fabricator, and insert it into the bound synthetic.
  4. Crowbar.png Crowbar the panel shut.
  5. Id regular.png Swipe an ID with Robotics access to relock the cover.


Bound synthetics that have had their programming tampered with can be repaired by resetting their AI connection and LawSync status, by manually pulsing the wiring. In the unlikely event that an AI goes crazy, a trained Roboticist or other technician should be able to sever the connection to the AI entirely by cutting the correct wire.

There are three lights in the cyborg with three corresponding wires:

  • LawSync: If this light is on, it means that any laws uploaded to the AI are also uploaded to the bound synthetic. The bound synthetic cannot be given different laws to the AI as long as this is on. This light will turn off if the AI Link light is off, regardless of wire status.
    • Pulsing does nothing.
    • Cutting will do nothing, as long as the AI link light is on. If the AI link light is off, cutting and then turning the AI link back on will cause the bound synthetic to be slaved to an AI, but not synced with its laws.
    • Mending this wire will turn the LawSync light back on as long as the AI link light is also on. The bound synthetic will then resume syncing with the AI's laws. If the AI link light is off, mending this will turn the light on, only for it to turn off again.
  • AI Link: If this light is on, it shows that the bound synthetic is slaved to an AI and must follow that AI's orders.
    • Pulsing this wire allows you to pick an AI for the bound synthetic to be slaved to if there are multiple AIs. If there is only one AI, pulsing this will simply turn it on and slave the bound synthetic to it, if it is off.
    • Cutting this wire will cause the Bound Synthetic to be unslaved from the AI and bound only by its laws. This also turns off LawSync, as the cyborg has no AI to sync to.
    • Mending this wire does nothing. You need to pulse it to reconnect it to an AI.
  • Module Lock: If this light is on, the module of the bound synthetic cannot be changed.
    • Pulsing this will reset the module of a cyborg and allow it to pick a new one.
    • Cutting this wire will cause the bound synthetic to be locked to the standard module and be unable to change or use any items. They can still remote control devices however.
    • Mending this wire will allow the bound synthetic to change modules.

An emagged bound synthetic will have no LawSync or AI link and cannot be reset.

Remember, bound synthetics are very expensive! Do not destroy them unless the cyborg is completely out of control, and resetting the AI and LawSync status doesn't work.


Bound synthetics can have various upgrades applied to them. Upgrades can be printed from the fabricator, and can be applied to a synthetic that has an open panel. Note that some upgrades cannot be applied to certain types of synthetics (Standard or Flying).

Armour Plating
Standard armour plating. Standard synthetics spawn with this. Any damage a synthetic takes is applied to the armor plating first, until the plating breaks. Plating can be replaced with regular or light armor plating. Armour Plating cannot be applied to flying synthetics. A synthetic can only have a single type of armor plating at a time.

Light Armour Plating
A lighter weight, weaker armour plating that doesn't hinder a flying synthetic's mobility, but can only withstand about half the damage as normal plating. Can be applied to both standard and flying synthetics, though it has no advantages over standard armor for regular synthetics. A synthetic can only have a single type of armor plating at a time.

VTEC Module
The VTEC module applies a permanent speed boost to synthetics. It can only be applied once per synthetic.

Floodlights cast a wider radius of light than a synthetic's standard light source. A floodlight is a permanent upgrade and can only be applied once per synthetic.


Sometimes, you will need to repair synthetics other than Bound Synthetics, such as IPCs. The procedures for repairing an IPC are quite different from that of Bound Synthetics, and are as follows:

IPC revival

IPCs can be revived much like their biological counterparts, as follows: While targeting the chest:

  1. Screwdriver4.png Open the chest's hatch using a screwdriver.
  2. Crowbar.png Pry open the hatch using a crowbar.
  3. Multitool.png Decouple either the Positronic brain or the cell using a multitool.
  4. Hemostat.png Remove the chosen organ with the hemostat
  5. Crowbar.png (If chest was damaged) Close and secure the hatch using a crowbar.
  6. CableCoils.png|Welderon 32px.gif Repair the IPC chassis (at least until it wouldn't immediately die if revived).
  7. Screwdriver4.png (If chest was damaged) Open the chest's hatch using a screwdriver.
  8. Crowbar.png (If chest was damaged) Pry open the hatch using a crowbar.
  9. Insert the chosen organ by clicking on the IPC with it in your hand.
  10. Screwdriver4.png (Cell only) reattach the chosen organ using a screwdriver
  11. Crowbar.png Close and secure the hatch using a crowbar.

Note: Currently there's a bug that doesn't let the positronic brain be inserted in to the chest where it's supposed to be. Work around it by inserting it in to the head (which is technically wrong). Same procedure: screwdriver, crowbar, brain, crowbar, screwdriver.


As a Roboticist, you serve another important purpose, making NPC robots. Robots can benefit the station in many ways, and are really easy to create. The current list of robots, and how to make them, is as follows:

Medibot.gif Medibot

Will inject people with chemicals when they are damaged more than the set healing threshold. By default, they will synthesise and inject tricordrazine for brute, burning, toxic, and suffocation damage, and spaceacillin for viral damage. If set to use a beaker, and a beaker with a chemical is put in them, they will inject that chemical into patients. If emagged, they will synthesise and inject anyone with harmful chemicals, damaged or not.

Combine the following ingredients in order:

  1. Cyborg Right or Left Arm.
  2. Empty SMed.png Medkit.
    • Note: Differently coloured medkits will also change the resulting colour of your Medibot.
  3. (Optional) Name the bot with a Pen.png pen.
  4. Healthanalyzer.png health analyzer.
  5. Proximitysensor.png proximity sensor.
  6. (Optional) Beaker.png Insert beaker filled with the medicine of your choice.

Cleanbot.gif Cleanbot

Cleanbots are great, as they serve exactly the same purpose as the Janitor. Even better is that it uses Space Cleaner to mop, so no slipping on everything!

  1. Bucket.png bucket (Grab it from the Janitor or make with Autolathe)
  2. Proximitysensor.png proximity sensor.
  3. (Optional) Name the bot with a Pen.png pen.
  4. Cyborg Right or Left Arm.

Floorbot.gif Floorbot

Floorbots are nice to have around when some asshole starts crowbarring up floor tiles or some traitor has blown apart a section of the station. They zoom around and repair busted floor tiles. To make:

  1. Empty Btoolbox.png toolbox (Must be a blue one)
  2. Floor Tiles.png Floor tile (click on a stack of metal while it's in your hand to open a menu for making these)
  3. Proximitysensor.png proximity sensor.
  4. (Optional) Name the bot with a Pen.png pen.
  5. Cyborg Right or Left Arm.

Keep in mind that Floorbots have a limited number of floor tiles. This number can be observed by popping up their control panel.

Farmbot.png Farmbot

A relatively useful bot that helps with the mundane aspects of Hydroponics and Xenobotany. To make one:

  1. Attach a robot arm (cyborg right or left arm) to a WatertankNew.png water tank.
  2. Attach a plant analyzer.
  3. Attach a Bucket.png bucket.
  4. (Optional) Name the bot with a Pen.png pen.
  5. Attach a mini-hoe.
  6. Proximitysensor.png proximity sensor.

I AM THE LAW Securitron

Basically, Officer Beepsky without the personality. You usually won't need to build any of these, but they can be hilariously helpful for traitors whom have invested in a Electromagnetic Card, as they tend to run around stunning and cuffing everyone in sight. Problem is, any of these that report a Level 10 Infraction when spotting people are obviously hacked. To make:

Note that destroying a Securitron or Officer Beepsky with a melee weapon is all but impossible by yourself; striking them causes them to immediately stun and cuff you. If you work with another person you can get several hits in while it is cuffing the other person, which is often enough to destroy it outright.

ED209.png ED-209

Beepsky's bigger brother. Has all of the abilities of a standard Securitron with the addition of a ranged attack. To make:

An emagged ED-209 fires deadly lasers AND attacks anyone on sight.


Augments are organs designed to provide the user with additional skills or capabilities. The process to install and remove them is the same as for any other organ, If the target organ is prosthetic the procedure is slightly different, as described for prosthetic repairs and organ installation.

To adjust target location use a Screwdriver. Some augments won't fit on organic limbs.


Construction of exosuits is restricted by ID, so they are typically the product of roboticist. These can be tremendously helpful or tremendously annoying depending on who uses it. They take more work to make than robots and require special circuits, which are obtained through the Circuit Imprinter.

Exosuits are fully modular and consist of a number of parts. You can mix and match part sets of as you wish. Each has different stats!


  1. Build a set of motivators, a set of manipulators, a chassis, an exosuit frame, some exosuit armor, an exosuit control module and a set of sensors.
  2. Paint the parts with a floor painter if you want to.
  3. Head now to the "Robot" category. You will need a camera, 2 actuators, 1 diagnosis unit and 1 robot radio
  4. Procure Metal.png 10 material sheets to reinforce the exosuit (melting point is most important value here).
  5. Obtain a Power cell and Cable coil
  6. Print up to two software boards and insert them in the exosuit control module (IMPORTANT; DO IT BEFORE INSERTING IT IN THE SENSORS)
  7. Examine each of the exosuit parts and insert in them the required components.
  8. Attach the exosuit parts to the frame.
  9. Metal.png (Use whatever material you prefer)
  10. Wrench
  11. Weld
  12. Cable Coil
  13. Wirecutters
  14. If you haven't painted the individual parts, you can still paint the entire exosuit now.
  15. Screwdriver

Construction of the exosuit is sped up by the Devices and Electrical Engineering skills.

Exosuit Equipment

Various tools and weapons can be attached to mechs, providng them with ability to perform different tasks. Exosuit Equipment is built by Robotics Fabricator ("Exosuit Equipment" menu). To attach a tool or weapon, simply click with it on exosuit. Examine both the module and the exosuit to see if they have a common slot free for the installation to take place.

It's like a flashlight but big. (Software: N/A)

The drill can completely destroy most objects in a few seconds. Using the drill will wear the heads, but you can make more out material sheets. Experiment! Better materials can pierce through reinforced walls and mine faster. (Software: Utility)

When used for mining, targeted and two adjacent mineral deposits will be drilled. If the exosuit is equipped with Hydraulic Clamp and has an Ore Box in cargo, all mined ore will be moved to Ore Box.
(Software: Utility)

Hydraulic Clamp
Gives it an ability to load objects into cargo compartment, or lets you punch those who dare oppose you.
(Software: Utility)

Plasma cutter
An excellent mining and salvage tool. Also surprisingly effective at handling the occasional xeno monstrosity.
(Software: Utility)

Mecha-mounted extinguisher. Can be refilled by clicking on the Water Tank.
(Software: Engineering)

Gravitational Catapult
Can be used to throw objects around (Pull mode) or move them away from target (Push mode).
(Software: Utility)

Mounted RCD
An exosuit-mounted Rapid Construction Device.
(Software: Engineering)

Mounted Sleeper
Acts exactly like a sleeper, but with free rides!
(Software: Medical)

Mech Weapons

CH-PS "Immolator" Laser
Fires a Laser bolt, identical to the "laser gun".
(Software: standard weapons)

Mounted ion rifle
Fires an Ion bolt, identical to the "Ion rifle".
(Software: standard weapons)

Mounted Taser
Fires a taser bolt, identical to the security taser.
(Software: standard weapons)

Exosuit Maintenance

  • You can remove installed equipment using Multitool ;You can also remove them using Ctrl + click on the UI from inside the exosuit.
  • When in maintenance mode you can remove the power cell using a screwdriver Screwdriver4.png.


  • Enable maintenance protocols on exosuit
  • Use wrench to disassemble the exosuit.

Having done this simply reverse the steps used to create the exosuit (and apply crowbar when in doubt) to take out existing parts and replace them.


  • Repair damage with a welder or cable or move the exosuit to an upgraded exosuit dock or simply replace damaged parts through maintenance procedure.

Removal of jammed user

If the driver of a mecha is unconscious in his mech; you are able to remove them by using aggressive intent on the exosuit (unless they locked themselves in).

You may first need to open the canopy. Help intent on exosuit will work.

If the canopy is locked however, you will need to force the emergency release with a crowbar Crowbar.png.

Misc. items

TV camera

Bring the news of the station directly to the screens of the crew. The journalist will thank you for providing them with this piece of entertainment technology.

  • Get Robot head
  • Infrared sensor -> Makes the assembly. Looks like robot head.
  • Add robot camera
  • Add Tape recorder
  • Add 3 CableCoils.png wires
  • Use Wirecutters.png wirecutters on assembly
  • Add 1 Metal sheets steel plate