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Research is a large topic with several distinct branches. This guide is a basic overview of methods, protocols and general research things such as deconstruction and the learning matrix.

Deconstruction and the Learning Matrix File:Example.jpg

The backbone of research is the Learning Matrix. This computer network is responsible for organizing the advancements made in the department. The Status of the learning matrix dictates what kind of experimental new technologies and items you can print from the protolathe and circuit printer. In short, in order to get anywhere or do anything in the research and development lab, you must update your learning matrix.

The key to upgrading the learning matrix is easy. It all comes down to deconstruction. Simply stick items into the destructive analyzer, in the fabricator lab, and turn it on using the nearby console. When in the console the item will list its technological level. In order to increase the levels on the learning matrix you must deconstruct items of equal or greater tech level. The highest possible level you can reach in each category is 7. In order to go up a level you must deconstruct an item which is at least the level you are at or higher. As an example, let's say in category A you are at level 3. In order to go up a level you put in item x which is a level 3 item. Once you deconstruct it, the level of category A will go up to level 4. It is possible to eject items from the reconstructive analyzer if, say, security notices their missing laser guns. As always, experiment! Some technology on the station is just so basic that the analyzer won't even bother with it, but things like bruise packs, flashbangs, and some of the odds and ends in your very lab will work.

List of Destructible Items

Destructive Analyzer