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The Guide for New Players is a guide intended for brand new players of Spacestation 13. If you have already played Spacestation 13, this guide is most likely not for you. This guide will cover the most basic concepts of the game to get you started using the BYOND engine and the games UI. It will also cover character creation and basic roleplaying.

Before you begin

Space Station 13 is a multiplayer roleplaying game developed using the BYOND engine. In Space Station 13 (from here on to be referred to as SS13 or BS12, short for "Baystation 12," our specific variant), players take the role of workers on a space station. There are many different jobs available, and each player chooses and plays a role in the space station. On our server, Baystation 12, we are a dedicated roleplaying community where you can play a variety of roles aboard the SEV Torch, ranging from members of the esteemed Expeditionary Corps of Sol Gov, a Boot straight out of training from the Fleet or the Marines, a researcher from the NanoTrasen Corporation, a contractor working for your own gains, or a civilian who hopped along for the ride. The frontier is a dangerous place, however, and all sorts of horrible things can happen to you. Spies, saboteurs, hostile aliens, dangerous computer programs, and people with seemingly supernatural abilities. Accidents happen, and it's a very thin barrier that holds the uncaring, airless space at bay.


The rules for BS12 should be read before beginning the game. It is important that you read through the rules thoroughly before starting the game. As long as you remember that this is a roleplay server, you should be fine.

Joining the server

To join the server, you must first download the BYOND cilent. Once you have created an account and have installed BYOND, you can:

  • Connect to the server by clicking the "PLAY" button on the main website or
  • By adding the address (CTRL + O while on the BYOND client) byond:// to your cilent to login manually.

This will automatically enter the game and present you with a "WELCOME" menu.

Character setup

Character Creation Screen UI
An example of the character setup screen.

Before you can begin playing, you must setup your character. Setting up your character is important and will your own mark in the world. Below we will document the options. You can save, delete or reset characters by using the slot function at the top of the UI.


General Tab
Name This is your characters name - it should be realistic. If you cannot think of one, use the "randomize name" function.
Gender This is your characters gender.
Age This is your characters age.
Languages These are the languages you know.
Neural Lace In the event that you die, the Neural Lace can be retrieved.
Species This is your species. For your first game, it is suggested to use a human.
Blood Type Your blood-type will effect how medical services can respond to you - it is based on real world blood types.
Skin Tone For human characters, this allows you to set the tone of your skin.
Needs Glasses This is the need for you to wear glasses.
Limbs This allows you to change settings about your limbs, from amputated, prosthetic or etc.
Internal Organs Similar to Limbs, this lets you change properties of your internal organs.
Hair, Facial, Eyes These three tabs let you change the styles and color of your hair and eyes.
Equipment This is equipment you start the game with.
Background Information These are direct settings to switch your characters background information with.
Records All of your records that will appear in-game, these are view-able by other characters and can give interesting insights into delicate details of your character.
Flavor These are additional descriptions about your character that will appear when other characters examine you.









Moving and interaction


Further reading