Grenades and Explosive Devices

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So you've decided the world would be better with a few holes in it. This guide will show you how to create grenades and other explosive devices to achieve your pyrotechnical desires.

Warning: Excessive use of, and excessively powerful, explosives will result in bwoinking from the admins and an unfun round for the other players. They are best used as a distraction or a one-off attack. Be sure to check out the rules concerning when it is okay to kill players, and griefing. If you are ever unsure, ahelp to ask about your situation.


All explosives, regardless of type, will need some sort of trigger system. There are several types of trigger so you can tailor your explosive to various situations. To create a trigger assembly, use a screwdriver on the trigger and on the igniter. Then attach them together, use a screwdriver again, and the assembly is now ready to be attached to a grenade. For some types of trigger you will need to interact with it to arm it and set desired fuse length or other particulars.

Trigger Assembly Types
Infrared Emitter Triggers when infrared beam is interrupted, for example by a mob walking through it.
Mousetrap Triggers when a mob walks over it.
Proximity Sensor Triggers when it senses movement within a range that can be adjusted.
Signaler Triggers when sent a specific signal from a signaler or integrated circuit.
Timer Triggers once a certain time has elapsed.
Voice Analyzer Triggers when an activation message is heard.


Many grenades are available on the Torch pre-built, or from the Traitor/Mercenary Uplink. Alternatively, you can create your own by following this process:

1. Find or create a grenade casing. These are available from R&D, crafted from sheets of steel or from dismantling an existing grenade.

2. Insert two (up to three in the case of a large casing) beakers/bottles of any type. These contain the reagents that will react to create your explosion. For example, to create an EMP grenade you would put iron in one and water in the other. More reagents means a larger effect. Check out the chemistry recipes for more details on possible reactions.

3. Get your Igniter and trigger. Use a screwdriver on each until it says 'Is ready to be attached' then attach them together. If you want to change the settings of your trigger assembly, interact with it while it is in this state. Screwdriver the assembly again and stick it onto your grenade.

4. Use a screwdriver on the grenade to complete it.

5. The grenade can now be armed by interacting with it. Be extremely careful once you've done so.

Fuel Tank Bombs

In a similar way to the Grenades, a fuel tank can be made to explode by attaching a trigger assembly. Simply wrench the fuel tank open, then attach the completed trigger assembly. The fuel tank is now primed to explode when your desired trigger occurs.

Disarming a Bomb

So, someone's set up a fuel tank bomb or grenade. Better handle that before it makes a hole in the ship!

If there's time, go and grab an EOD Suit from Engineering or Security. This will greatly improve your chances of survival if you happen to set it off accidentally.

To dismantle it, you simply need to hit it with a screwdriver. The challenge will be in not setting it off while you do so - This may be impossible with certain trigger types as you cannot get close enough.

Remember that throwing a maintenance drone at it after evacuating the area may be the safest option. Don't take unnecessary risks, explosives can instantly kill if they are powerful enough.