Grayson Manufactories Ltd.

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Grayson Manufactories Ltd., true to its name, mines, refines, and produces iron, steel, aluminum, and other metals for use in casing and other production before selling them. They are also known for reviving their old traditions of supplying general materials ready for assembly for construction projects. These parts are interchangeable and considered somewhat cheap, but have proven to be generally and consecutively reliable.

As of current, Grayson Manufactories has a fairly neutral stance on the other major corporations, though has a history of maintaining a monopoly on specific trades through heavy competition and even rumors of industrial sabotage and use of strikebreakers.


With the rapidly improving conditions of intergalactic travel being made available to humans, opportunities for new and untapped planets with major deposits of raw iron and other materials became rapidly feasible. One of the first to clamor for these resources was the teetering Terran giant Grayson Manufactories Ltd., a prevalent manufacturer of processed metals such as steel, and construction parts such as girders, piping, and wall paneling - though resources were starting to trickle away with every roar of a blast furnace. Taking the initiative to save his ancestral company, Andrew Grayson invested heavily in off-world transportation and began moving the remains of the corporation from Earth to Mars, feverishly securing rights to mine entire plots of asteroid field, and building compounds to house their factories. From there, limited successes lead to an air of pessimism, though the reveal of massive ore deposits on one of their plots lead to a surge in economic growth that has placed it among the Big Seven.