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Grabs work like a chain of grab states. Upgrading or downgrading a grab moves (or attempts to move) to an adjacent state. Each type of grab has a different set of states.

Grabs only work on human type mobs. This includes all playable species, both on an off station, and monkeys. It does not work on slimes, mice, dogs, etc.

Upgrading and Downgrading

When you grab someone, you make a new grab which is shown as an icon in your hand. The icon changes based on the state of the grab.

To change the state of the grab, use the grab icon in your hand. The grab will upgrade or downgrade based on your current intent. Help intent will downgrade your grab while harm, disarm, or grab intent will upgrade the grab.

Making a Grab

There are two ways to make a grab. The primary way is by clicking on someone with an open hand while on grab intent. Some abilities like the Vox leap or the giant armoured serpentid nab will also create a grab as a part of their effect.

Intent Specific Actions

To activate an intent specific action, click on the person being grabbed with the grab active. This will attempt to use the state specific action associated with that grab type, grab state, and intent.

Some intent specific actions are targeted and will target based on the area you have targeted in the target menu. Some are not targeted and happen the same with no regard to what area you have targeted in the target menu.

The intent specific actions have a general structure. You begin the action and a message goes out stating what action you are attempting. A progress bar appears as you perform the action. If you are not interrupted, the action occurs when the progress bar completes. A cooldown is then triggered which prevents you from attempting a new action for a time period dependent on the action.

External Oragn Examination: Targeted Non-aggressive Closely examine the targeted body part of the grabbed person. ((put all the different things you can find out about them here)).

Pin: Non-targeted Agressive Force the grabbed person to the ground.

Jointlock: Targeted Agressive Twist the targeted joint of the grabbed person, causing them a large amount of pain.

Dislocation: Targeted Agressive Dislocate the targeted joint of the grabbed person, making the body part no longer work properly.

Crush: Targeted Agressive Crush the targeted body part of the grabbed person, dealing brute damage with a chance to pierce the skin and deal additional pain and damage.

Masticate: Targeted Agressive Chew the targeted body part of the grabbed person, dealing brute damage and potentially severing the body part.

Grab List

Feature Description Trigger Required Target
Jointlocking Causes 40 Halloss Click on victim with grab intent Neck grab Limb
Jointbreaking Dislocates the limb Click on victim with harm intent Neck grab Limb
Eyesquishing Causes 3 to 4 eye damage Click on victim with harm intent Neck grab Eyes
Knifing Causes 60 brute (divided into 3*20) and 60 oxyloss Attack the victim with an edged item Neck grab Head
Headbutting Causes 20 damage to victim and 10 damage to assailant Click on Victim with harm intent Aggressive grab Head
Pinning Pins victims to the ground Click on victim with disarm intent Aggressive grab N/A
Blinding Victim can't see Target eyes Aggressive grab Eyes
Muzzling Victim can't speak Target mouth Aggressive grab Mouth
Dancing Constantly facing each other Two people grabbing each other N/A N/A
Buckling Buckles the grabbed person to an object Click on object N/A N/A
Diagnosis Gather damage information about a body part Click on target with help intent Passive Grab Any