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Ghost big.png
Roam the Halls. Observe the crew. Spook the Crew.
Difficulty: Easy
Access: Everywhere and Nowhere

Congratulations. You've gotten yourself burned, spaced, shot, crushed, poisoned or otherwise killed. Chances are, you will not be coming back to life (you thought this was a game?) and now you are condemned to roam the halls of what ever god-forsaken rock or ship you were on. You can walk through walls, and that's about it. You cannot pick up or hold anything. You can't do much in the way of interacting with the crew. They cannot see you, hear you, or really interact with you in any way. You are an invisible, unheard pair of eyes, essentially. Other dead crew members may also be roaming the ship/station alongside you. You can see them and speak with them and share stories about how you miss being alive. You can't do much else besides talk to other dead crew, watch the round, and wait for the game to end. However, during the round-ending Bluespace Jump, you will become visible to the surviving players. You still can't talk to them, or really interact with them at all, but at least you can move around and look spooky.

Occasionally, there will be special roles available mid-game for dead crew members. These are super-rare, sometimes being activated by the server, admins, or even living players when a game drags on for too long. These roles are infrequent and quickly get snatched up by other ghosts, so it's best to act fast.

He's Alive!

So you got a special role and now you're alive. Have fun and make sure you do that job as best you can.

When accepting a special role, you are becoming a completely new character. This person has never met your dead character. Only under extreme circumstances or with a fantastic reason would your new person know your dead character.


Don't forget, if you are ever bored of being a spook you can opt to become a pAI when someone requests. You can select this in your preferences menu. This role lets you aid a crew member as a handy tool and companion.

Cult Rounds

Occasionally the round will center around a cult of demon-worshiping fanatics. This gives ghosts an entirely new set of abilities. You can now mess with the crew a little more than normal. You are still muted to the crew and can't be seen; however, the thin veil between life and death has been ripped.

During cult rounds ghosts can use the Menu Tab system, having the ability to reproduce noises like glass smashing or people fist fighting. They can even write in blood or oil if it has been spilled onto the floor.

Try recreating your favorite horror movies!