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Gaia is the sole planet in the Galilei system. It is a small continental world that serves as the DMZ border between the Sol Central Government, and the Gilgamesh Colonial Confederation. While it is primarily an agricultural world, large scale build-ups on both sides have left large areas of the planet in ruin. Currently the planet is divided into Northern Gaia and Southern Gaia. While sitting at a comfortable population of around 1.9 Billion, the majority of the population reside in the Confederate-controlled North.


Gaia is relatively small compared to other planets, at only .89 the mass of Earth. However, it's thicker atmosphere makes it a very potent planet for growing crops and sustaining life. Northern Gaia is relatively flat, with large rolling plains that make way for numerous rivers flowing towards Lake Cabot. Southern Gaia is slightly more mountainous.

Large parts of the terrain have been left battle-scarred following the Gaian Conflict. Several guerrilla sites have been converted into tourist attractions, while many others have been left abandoned.


Much of Gaia's history is relatively peaceful. It was colonised in the mid 2300s by early seeder ships from Earth, and spent a great period of its time out of contact from its parent. By the time Sol and Gaia remade contact in the last years of the 24th Century, the colony had expanded across much of the planet, and was enjoying relative prosperity. This prosperity allowed it to remain an independent system in the face of the growing Terran Commonwealth. Diplomatic ties to other colonies and it's strategic location, made it a perfect place for jump gates to nearby systems. In the early 2530s, an increase in Terran immigration began in small part due to better opportunities, and numerous diplomatic incidents between GCC and other states. In 2544, faced with a growing threat on Gaia's nearby borders, a vote was called to join the Sol Central Government. The vote passed with a margin of 50.2% YES, and 49.8 NO. This led to widespread unrest and rioting in Gaian capital city of New Venice. The Gilgamesh Colonial Confederacy issued a direct objection to the vote on Gaia, who continued with integration regardless.

In December 2444, the Fourth Fleet arrives in Galilei to a sense of unease and tension. In January 2445, the Gaia Conflict began.

Gaia at War

Gaia was swiftly placed under blockade upon the outbreak of the war. Owing to the planet's strategic location and abundant food, was spared the indiscriminate bombardment policy of the Confederate navy. However, a long period of guerrilla warfare left the surface marked with trenches, traps, blockades, and ruins.


how many people live on ur planet

colony breakdown of population
species composition 2561
Human 72.0%
Tajara 8.7%
Human - Non Native 7.4%
Unathi 1.7%
Skrell 0.1%
Other 4.1%
Positron 6.0%

Cities and towns

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Colonial religious makeup:

  • 3 – 53%
  • 2 – 16%
  • 1 – 13%
  • Other – 6%
  • Unaffiliated – 12%


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Law and government