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General questions

How do I play the game?

Start at the Guide for New Players, and use the sidebar for further reading. Be sure to read the rules before doing anything!

What is a good starting role?

The Passenger role will allow you to get to grips with the game controls, without bothering anybody else. Be careful though - you have virtually no access and walking into restricted areas could get you punished! If you haven't already, you should observe a round to see how people interact with each other.

How long do rounds last?

Three hours most often. However, you do not need to stay for those three hours. You can use a Body scanner 0.png Cryogenic freezer (where you spawn) to exit the game without interrupting anything.

I need more help!

Ask for somebody to give more detailed help on the Baystation 12 official discord.

Wiki questions

Why are there so many item pages? Whats the purpose?

The purpose of item pages is to build a library of items so they may be used in articles. Templates such as item link can use the information on those pages to directly link items without the need of uploading or other work, and in some cases build documentation for an item if necessary. Most item pages are empty except for the infobox as many items do not need documentation beyond a basic description.