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Go on expeditions. Find curiosities. Wrestle giant spiders. Document findings. Try not to die horribly.
Difficulty: Medium
Access: Expedition Prep
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EC branch ranks: Senior Explorer(E-5), Explorer(E-3)
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The Explorer is the bread and butter of the Expeditionary Corps and help further the mission of the SEV Torch in deep space exploration. Led by the Pathfinder, their job is to embark on away missions and make new discoveries in the name of Sol Central Government.


Explorers look primarily for anything of economical or scientific interest to SolGov: mineral deposits, alien flora/fauna, and other artifacts. They are also often the first to encounter first-contact species on settled exoplanets and (occasionally) drifting vessels.

They will also likely encounter hazardous environments, aggressive wildlife, or malfunctioning defense systems. To that end, Explorers are typically trained in the basics of survival in hostile and unfamiliar environments, including training in basic first aid and basic weapons handling and safety. However, Explorers are generally never experts in any of these fields, especially because they are often accompanied on expeditions by specialist Expeditionary crew members from other departments and such in-depth training for Explorers is largely unnecessary.