Exploration Jobs

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Commanding Officer
Generic Torch CO.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Very Hard
Command the Torch. Be the ultimate authority for all personnel. Delegate tasks to the rest of Command. Ensure that all departments run as smoothly as possible. Go down with the ship.
Executive Officer
XO-EC.pngXO-Fleet.pngXO-Marine.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Very Hard
Be the CO's right hand. Manage personnel assignments and alter ID access levels. Control the Service and Supply Departments. Manage anyone without a department head. Ensure that all personnel comply with all appropriate regulations.
SolGov Pilot
SEA-EC.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Easy
Pilot the Torch. Fill in for the NanoTrasen Pilot if they are unavailable.
SEA-EC.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Hard
Lead away missions. Discover things. Keep the away team alive.
SEA-EC.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Medium
Take part in away missions. Discover things. Die horribly.