Engineering Jobs

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Chief Engineer
CE-EC.pngCE-Fleet.pngCE-Marine.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Very Hard
Lead the engineering crew. Keep the lights on and the engine purring. Ensure your staff are patching any mechanical faults quickly and competently. Advise the CO in the matters of vessel integrity and status. Maintain the ship cyborgs and artificial intelligence.
Senior Engineer
SE-EC.pngSE-Fleet.pngSE-Marine.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Hard
Be the Chief Engineer's right hand. Handle day-to-day operations of the Engineering department. Ensure that orders are carried out quickly and efficiently. Put out the dead engineer on fire at the bottom of a Z level transfer.
Engi-EC.pngEngi-Fleet.pngEngi-Marine.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Medium
Maintain ship power. Patch hull breaches. Make sure that everyone has functioning lights and breathable atmosphere.
Maintenance Assistant
EA.png Branch: Passenger (Contractor)
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Assist the Engineers with anything they need. Perform miscellaneous repairs. Be a specialist.
Roboticist-torch.png Branch: Passenger (Contractor)
Difficulty: Easy
Build cyborgs, mechs, and suits of all kinds. Transplant brains into cyborgs or FBPs. Repair damaged prosthetics and robots.