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Document:Expeditionary Tales/TorchBriefing  

October 29th, 2306

Mission Briefing, SEV Torch, Helios Project.

From: Commandant of the Expeditionary Corps, SCGECO, Sol System.

To: Commanding Officer, SEV Torch


Congratulations on being selected to command the Sol Expeditionary Vessel Torch. Let me, through this letter, be the first to welcome you to the project. The Torch is an EC headed, jointly-staffed vessel under the direct authority of Expeditionary Command, and subsequently, the Secretary-General, crewed by both civilians, uniformed services and the Defense Forces. Additionally, a research element, staffed by employees of the newly founded Expeditionary Corps Organization, made up of interests and assets from a number of corporations, has been attached to the vessel and will provide their expertise as needed. In order to coordinate with the Secretary-General and other SCG elements, as well as to negotiate with any encountered alien life, a civilian SCG Representative will be accompanying you.
Your mission is one of exploration, aimed at mapping as-yet uncharted areas of space. The primary objectives of the Torch Mission are threefold:
  • Make contact with alien life and form positive relations.
  • Locate new and unclaimed technology and resources for research.
  • Find and mark suitable planets and systems for future colonization
Resources and support will be limited whenever the Torch is far from civilization, however, communication will be maintained by Quantum Entanglement communication devices and prototype Bluespace-drive equipped supply drones, though assistance in the event of an emergency will be unlikely. This is a high risk mission and it is probable you and your crew will encounter hostile species, major environmental hazards and situations that are unlike anything you will have experienced in SCG space. While great pains have been taken to properly outfit your vessel for the mission ahead, the rest is up to you and your crew. The mission will not be an easy one, but we have confidence in your ability to get the job done. Good luck, and godspeed.


Magny Amira Khan,

Commandant of the Expeditionary Corps


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