Detective's Office

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Detective's Office
Connects to   Brig, Detective Maintenance
Located   Fore section, in the security department
Used By   Detective
Access(es) Needed   Detective
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The Detective's office is a room of many functions. The office itself is the northern half of the room, while the southern half serves as the Detective's forensic laboratory.

The Office

This is where a Detective spawns at the start of the round. There are two desks, one for each detective. Each detective also has a personal locker with a Colt M1911, an armpit holster, a selection of stylish clothes, and a bunch of other 'noir' stuff. Each desk has a pair of handcuffs, a universal recorder, and a flash at the start of the round. Beside the front door there is an evidence locker, which you can use to store your evidence and save on the inventory space.

But, the meat of the detective's office are the two old-timey looking televisions beside each desks. These act as security camera consoles, allowing detectives to view the station camera network in comfort and style. There are two wall safes, one near each desk, which you can use to store critical evidence pertaining to your latest case (or anything else, really).

The Lab

This is where the real forensic work goes down. The focus of the room is the High-Res Forensics Scanning Computer, which collects all of the data from a detective's Forensic Scanner and returns concrete evidence (Incomplete Fingerprints and Grey Fibers). The lab also contains a security records console (for cross checking fingerprints, and setting the cowards to arrest when you figure 'em out) and a medical records console (for cross checking DNA strings).

On the desk at the bottom of the room, we have a bunch of folders and paper (for making your reports and making them look official), a hand labeler, and a reagent scanner.