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Alternative names Nar-Sie, The Tower
Difficulty Very Hard
Duties Commanding the God Cultists, converting and/or murdering non-believers, unleashing a zombie plague onto the ship.
Related Guides Cultist
Access Non-Euclidean

The Deity is the primary antagonist of Deity mode. It derives its power from its God Cultists and the unholy Structures they build.

Burgeoning Godhood

The first thing you should do as a Deity is choose your form as the deity forms represent different play styles, themes, and goals, all wrapped into a single package. However choosing one is a permanent decision, so choose carefully, but on the other hand your cultists cannot help you while you are formless, so the more time you spend choosing your form is less time for your cultists to build shrines. After you choose your form, start communicating with your cultist. Speaking normally using the say verb broadcasts your speech to all your cultists, though if you want to communicate directly, use the direct communication phenomena that all Deities have.

Communication is key to the Deity game mode: you are extremely weak without your cultists, and you have no fine manipulation skills in the real world, so you must rely on them to get the majority of what you need done. First introduce yourself, try to explain who you are and why they should worship you, and then have them explain who they are, and what they do for a job. Learning who your cultists are will help you figure out how you want to play the game: what accesses they have, what abilities they have, what goals they have. All this information will help ease the early game as you are still getting set up.

Speaking of early game, you should try to set up a main shrine as soon as possible. All shrine structures increase your power potential: allowing you to regenerate to higher and higher amounts of power. But this is only active when the structures are, so if they manage to get destroyed for whatever reason, you lose that potential. So protection of shrines is extremely important, especially for your first, and main shrine, considering that it will probably be the largest portion of your power. Choosing a secluded area in maintenance is encouraged, somewhere that all your cultists can go, as if nobody can actually find the shrine, how can they destroy it? On the other hand, a paranoid AI or a dutiful security officer might see all those people passing through maintenance, and what is more suspicious than that? Alternatively you can have them set it up somewhere that's hard to get to, like a restricted area or on a planet. But if your enemies can't get to it: how can your cultists? You must always be thinking about access versus security and how to mitigate all of that.

Shrines are extremely important and you should have your cultists always be building them, but it is not enough to just build altars, depending on your form you might have as much as 4 different structures to build, two of which nearly every single deity has: the altar, and the pylon. Altars are used to setup shrines, they can be placed anywhere but they are extremely slow to build and can slow your shrine building to halt if you build a lot of them. They are however the only way you can convert new cultists, either through the voluntary conversion, which can be performed on anybody next to an altar, or the forced, which requires the person to be lying on top of the altar (and alive, of course). Alternatively multiple pylons can be built in the time a single altar can be built, though they give less potential power. Pylons can also be used to communicate, you can click on them and possess them (showing a small icon of your form) and your voice will only go out through this specific pylon. If you don't do this, you will broadcast to all pylons (like you do cultists) when you use the say verb.