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Alternative names Nar-Sie, The Tower
Difficulty Very Hard
Duties Commanding the God Cultists, converting and/or murdering non-believers, unleashing a zombie plague onto the ship.
Related Guides Cultist
Access Non-Euclidean

The Deity is the primary antagonist of Deity mode. It derives its power from its God Cultists and the unholy Structures they build.

Divinity for Dummies

If you're reading this, you've probably just been selected to play as an eldritch horror for the very first time. Congratulations! Here are the first few things you need to keep in mind:

  • The Deity sees through its Cultists and Structures. It can jump to and follow a Cultist at will with the "Jump to Follower" verb or in the deity menu, but cannot do so with Structures unless someone is speaking to a Pylon, at which point it gains the ability to jump to that Pylon.
  • The Deity cannot physically interact with other entities but can use Phenomena depending on its Intent. These Phenomena can be configured in the menu.
  • The Deity's abilities function using Power, which is slowly generated by Structures and tends to spike during the construction of shrines. However, it will also lose Power when its Structures are destroyed. Without Power, it can't do anything, so you had best protect those shrines.
  • Unlike regular Cult, God Cultists cannot convert other crew members on their own. They must bring a willing entity next to an Altar, at which point the Deity can prompt them to join the Cult. Unwilling converts can be tossed onto the Altar and held there to be Converted, but it costs a large amount of Power and is generally rather inefficient.

The Deity begins the round formless and must choose a form. Currently, there are two forms available for the Deity's use:

Name Powers Caveats
Geometer of Blood
Use the blood of the converted to forge armor and weaponry. Cripple the faithless with visions of Hell. Unleash a Zombie Plague unto the world. All abilities cost blood
The Tower
Use two powerful branches of magic to bewilder the crew and punish the faithless. Unleash an army of stone Golems. Make the Wizard angry that you stole his gimmick. All abilities must recharge after one use

These forms come with their own unique powers, both as Boons and Artifacts for their Cultists and Phenomena for their own use. Use them wisely. NOTE: Generic Boons are automatically available for the Deity to bestow regardless of their form, while Generic Phenomena are always available for their use.

Name Effect Requirements
Construct Shrine
Constructs an Altar for the Deity. Costs 10 Power. Generic Boon
Constructs one of the Deity's Structures. It also supports constructing additional Altars at a significantly faster pace. Costs 10 Power. Generic Boon
Godsight Allows the God Cultist to see as their Deity does, with vision relying on Cultists and Structures. Costs 20 Power. Generic Boon
Direct Communication Allows the Deity to speak to an entity directly. Messages sent this way appears at a truly massive size for Cultists, but at the same size as any other message for nonbelievers. Cannot be used while Power is in the negatives, but is otherwise free to use. Generic Phenomena
Point Points out an object to nearby God Cultists. Free to use. Generic Phenomena
Conversion Prompts a nonbeliever to convert to the Cult. If accepted, they will immediately be converted into a God Cultist. Costs 20 Power per use. Generic Phenomena
Forced Conversion Converts a nonbeliever by force. This takes around thirty seconds and requires the nonbeliever to be on an Altar. Costs 50 Power per use. Generic Phenomena
Punish Induces pain in a God Cultist. The Deity can expend additional Power (up to 20) to increase the severity of this effect, culminating in giving the Cultist serious wounds. If no additional Power is used, this is free to use. Generic Phenomena