Defence Forces

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The Sol Central Government Flag

The Defence Forces, commonly referred to as 'The DF' are responsible for the defence of Sol and consists of the Army, The Fleet and the Marine Corps.

The Fleet

SCG Fleet insignia

The Sol Central Government Fleet is the SCG's primary component of the Defence Forces. It consists of a huge assortment of vessels of varying sizes broken up into a number of smaller "Fleets", each with their own areas of responsibility. The Fleet is the oldest component of the DF and has long been the backbone of the SCG. The Fleet, being the large, sprawling organisation it is, is made up of thousands and thousands of men and women (and more recently, a number of Sol IPC's) spread across a variety of duties, tasks, and postings.

The oldest component of the Defence Forces, the Fleet considers itself the pinnacle of Human military accomplishment. It is well funded, but seen as complacent and bloated. Until recently, the Fleet have not had a serious enemy to deal with, but is generally respected by the populace due to their work keeping away pirates, putting down insurrections, destroying smugglers, and taking potshots at the occasional Vox. Major overhauls are currently ongoing to improve efficiency and capabilities, ostensibly to counter encroachment by the Terran Colonial Confederation.

The Army

SCG Army insignia

The Sol Central Government Army is the SCG's main land force. The Army is responsible for handling any ground conflicts and many peacekeeping missions that the SCG may be engaged in. Smaller than the Fleet, with only a partial full time component, much of the Army is composed of reservists and, in times of large scale war, is authorized to draft and integrate the regular Planetary Defence Forces (PDFs) in order to be able to scale up their military as-required. While not as famous or as glamorous as the Fleet the Army is never the less a respected part of the military, though one which is often looked down on by the Fleet because of their reliance on reservists.