Deck Officer

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Deck Officer
DO-EC.png Torch DO equipped.png
Access Cargo Bay
Difficulty Easy
Duties Approve orders given to Supply. Make sure the rest of the department isn't slacking.

The Deck Officer, also known as the DO, is tasked with running the Cargo Bay. They are primarily concerned with approving orders given to the Supply department and ensuring that the Deck Technicians do their jobs in making sure that said orders are received, catalogued, and shipped out to their proper destinations.

As part of the Supply department, the Deck Officer answers to the Executive Officer.

The Role

The majority of the Deck Officer's role consists of paperwork. It is their responsibility to monitor incoming orders submitted to Supply by other departments, approve or reject them as appropriate, and place the final order for the supply shuttle to bring in. Ideally, this should all have a thoroughly-annotated paper trail.

Beyond this, the Deck Officer is responsible for making sure that the Deck Technicians aren't slacking off. Crates need to be loaded and unloaded from the supply shuttle. Deliveries need to be tagged and shipped through Disposals. Supply manifests need to be signed and stamped by the relevant department heads. And so on.

Finally, the Deck Officer is technically responsible for the care of the various shuttles kept in the hangar when they are not in use, and for making sure that the hangar itself stays in good repair. They may also need to refill a shuttle's fuel tank using the Shuttle Fuel Bay on the far end of the hangar. Unauthorized personnel should be kept out of the hangar in case of abrupt arrivals or departures.