Cryptographic sequencer

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Cryptographic sequencer
Usages N/A
Description It's a card with a magnetic strip attached to some circuitry.
Force 0
Active damage
System data
Path /obj/item/weapon/card/emag
Name cryptographic sequencer
Icon Path icons/obj/card.dmi
Icon State emag
Last System Data Access


Flavor Text None
Antagonist Text None

An extremely versatile traitor item available from the uplink for telecrystals. This special ID card contains complex decryption programs to allow you to alter many machines. Often called an 'emag'. Cryptographic Sequencers have a limited amount of charges.

Emaggable Objects

  • AI or Robots - Can change the lawset of an opened robot to change its lawset and prevent lockdown or resetting. The synthetic will serve the operative. Will show up if someone uses a robot analyzer on the robot. Can add additional items to robot depending on robot module.
  • Airlocks - Disables AI control.
  • Alarms - Can allow access.
  • APCs - Unlocks the APC.
  • Arcade Machines - Can give you power-ups for the arcade game or cause other adjustments.
  • Atmospherics Control Consoles - Gives anyone access.
  • ATMs - Can lock the ATM.
  • Cargo Train - Can knock people down.
  • Cleanbot/Medibot?Farmbot/ed-209 etc. - Changes their behaviour to be much more antagonistic.
  • Closets - Can open or break the closet.
  • Crate - Unlocks a locked crate.
  • Defibrillator - Removes safety protocols.
  • Deployable Barriers - Allows anyone to lock/unlock barriers.
  • Door Controls - Allows anyone to use the door control.
  • EFTPOS - Resets the access code to zero.
  • Emergency Shield - Causes it to malfunction.
  • Emitter - Provides access.
  • Escape Pod - Can cause escape pod to launch.
  • Exosuit Fabricator - Has a chance to allow access.
  • Hailer - Can make it yell insults or disable it.
  • Holodeck Console - Disables safety features.
  • Jukebox
  • Light Replacer - All lights replaced with this light replacer will be rigged to explode when turned on.
  • Lockbox - Can open the lockbox.
  • Maintenance Drone - Changes laws, changes light colour to red.
  • Meat Grinder - Allows grinding of various living creatures or their corpses.
  • Megaphone - Megaphone will yell insults when used.
  • Merchant Computer - Enables sending sentient creatures via the sales teleporter.
  • Modular Console - Can enable download of special programs for hacking.
  • Money Cannon - Overclocks the cannon.
  • PACMANs - Increases maximum power output setting (this will cause it to overheat very quickly)
  • Practice Laser - Removes safeties and makes weapon lethal.
  • Prosthetic Limbs - When installed, a sabotaged prosthetic limb may cause issues for the user.
  • R&D Console - Allows access.
  • Registered Gun - Removes registration.
  • RIGs - Can allow access.
  • Security Badges - Can overwrite the badge ID with your own.
  • Shuttle Computers - Gives anyone access.
  • Smartfridge - Unlocks smartfridge.
  • Suit Storage Unit - Allows access, or adjustment of decontamination protocols.
  • Supply Computer - Adds additional supply packs.
  • Tape Recorder - Stops removal of the tape, can make it explode.
  • Telecomms Server/Consoles - Allows access.
  • Turret - Removes some target checking from the turret, causing it to shoot everyone with stun beams.
  • Vending Machine - Allows access.
  • Windoors - Disables Windoor, allows crowbar to remove electronics.