Cryo cell

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Cryo cell
Pod preview.png
Usages To heal grievous wounds at a quick rate.
Description Cryo tube that treats damage, particularly genetic damage
System data
Name cryo cell
Icon icons/obj/cryogenics
Icon State pod_preview
Last System Data Access 11/12/2017

The Cryogenic chamber, or Cryo cell, treats most damage types, most notably genetic damage. It also stabilizes patients in critical condition by placing them in stasis, so they can be treated at a later time. In order for it to work, it must be loaded with chemicals, and the temperature of the solution must reach a certain point. Additionally, it requires a supply of pure oxygen, provided by canisters that are attached. The most commonly used chemicals in the chambers are Cryoxadone and Clonexadone. Clonexadone is more effective in treating all damage, including Genetic damage, but is otherwise functionally identical. Activating the freezer nearby, and setting it to a temperature setting below 150, is recommended before operation! Further, any clothing the patient is wearing that act as an insulator will reduce its effectiveness, and should be removed.

Clicking the tube with a beaker full of chemicals in hand will place it in its storage to distribute when it is activated. Click your target with the grab (Dragsmall.png) intent, then click on the tube, with an empty hand, to place them in it. Click the tube again to open the menu. Press the button on the menu to activate it. Once they have reached 100 health, right-click the cell and click 'Eject Occupant' to remove them.