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Explore the spaceship and see if anyone needs help with anything. Get in trouble for being places you shouldn't be.
Difficulty: Easy
Access: Emergency Storage, Maintenance
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EC branch ranks: Explorer(E-3)
Fleet branch ranks: Petty Officer Third Class(E-4), Crewman(E-3), Crewman Apprentice(E-2)

The Crewman is the lowest-ranking member of the non-civilian personnel on board the ship - in fact, in most situations, any given member of the civilian staff will usually be assumed to be more competent than a Crewman. They are the greenest of the green and hold little to no on-ship authority or responsibility, and essentially exist to do whatever work no one else wants to do.

Crewmen answer directly to the Executive Officer.

The Role

The Crewman role is to the Torch what the Assistant role is to other Space Station 13 servers. It doesn't have much in the way of access or authority or even basic respect from anyone else on board, but this lack of responsibility comes with the freedom to explore the ship and learn the mechanics of the game at one's leisure. As such, most Crewmen are new players taking advantage of the low expectations placed upon them to better learn how the game works.

Crewmen can assist any department, be it engineering, medical, or even security, with menial or non-important tasks. If a Crewman helps a department, they are expected to answer to the head of that department, as well as the Executive Officer.