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Corporate Regulations

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These are NanoTrasen's own regulations enforced on their vessels and habitats. They are not crimes and do not need to be reported to the Sol Central Goverment, and it is unlawful to confine an individual for violating these regulations. At the discretion of the superiors of the individual, any individual who violates these regulations may be dismissed or demoted. Listed will be the minimum punishments. These regulations can be altered or disregarded at any time by the corporate liaison or research director at their discretion, but unlawful usage of that power must be reported to Internal Affairs. The corporate liaison may veto the research director's decision to alter these regulations, but is permitted alter them without the consent of the research director. These regulations do not apply to anyone other than NanoTrasen employees.


No. Incident Description Notes Minimum Punishment
i101 Misuse of Communications To continually broadcast unimportant, untrue, or insignificant messages on any NanoTrasen communication channel or medium. This covers spamming the radio/PDA and using communications to cause a disruption. T100 fine.
i102 Misconduct To behave an a way unbecoming of a NanoTrasen Employee. This includes joking about a grave situation, not taking your job seriously, being a complete asshat, etc. T100 fine.
i103 Slander or Libel To spread false rumors in order to damage someone's reputation. There must be intent to damage reputation. Feeble, unbelievable attempts are not covered by this. T100 fine.
i201 Neglect of Duty To fail to meet satisfactory work standards. This includes accidents, refusing or failing to work, simply not being productive enough, or working outside of your competency (e.g., an untrained prospector trying to analyze a hostile xenosecies). This also includes research violating their regulations on experimental items, which is listed in the SOP. Keep in mind cases where a Sol Central Government law is broken as a result of neglect, such as manslaughter, then that law must also be charged. T500 fine.
i202 Exceeding Official Powers To act beyond what is allowed by the Chain of Command. For heads of staff who abuse their power or act outside of their duty/competency (e.g., RD changing regulations to harm another employee, CL acting like a security guard). Demotion.
i203 Deception To lie in an official report. This includes lying or withholding information to your superior in a report or lying to the crew about a situation. It is allowed to withhold information about a situation from the crew. T500 fine.
i204 Violating an Injunction or Failure to Execute an Order To refuse to follow a lawful order from a superior. This includes orders from someone who is not necessarily your superior, but has authority in that context (e.g., the CL giving an order to the RD that they received from Internal Affairs). Demotion.

Demotion and Dismissal

  • It is up to the discretion of the research director to dismiss a Nanotrasen employee or to demote that individual.
  • The research director and corporate liaison may only be dismissed or demoted by Internal Affairs or the Board of Directors.
  • Individuals who are dismissed forfeit their pay for the remainder of the shift, individuals are who demoted earn the pay of the lower role for the remainder of the shift.
  • Individuals who are demoted or dismissed will undergo a review, which is to be forwarded to Internal Affairs, by the appointed corporate liaison to determine a permanent punishment, if any.
  • While a reason need not be provided for the dismissal or demotion, should the review find that the research director acted abusively with his or her action, a charge of Exceeding Official Powers may be placed by the Internal Affairs Agents. The corporate liaison may perform a preliminary review and advise the Central Command Internal Affairs Agents to make an early decision if the action appears to be abusive.

Chain of Command

  • The research director has total authority over NanoTrasen employees.
  • The senior researcher acts as a second in command, and takes over in the research director's absence.
  • In the absence of a research director or senior researcher, the corporate liaison inherits the powers of the research director.
  • The corporate liaison may appoint any qualified NanoTrasen employee to the position of research director. No employee other than the senior researcher has priority over any other in that respect.
  • Only the Board of Directors or Internal Affairs may appoint a corporate liaison.
  • The corporate liaison is not an authorized Internal Affairs agent.