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The mystical art of Space Combat. Hard, challenging and often frustrating.


Your intent specifies what you want to do when you click on another player/mob.

You can switch between these by clicking on the wanted intent on your HUD or by using CTRL+1-4. One being Help, two being Disarm, three being Grab and four being Harm.

  • Help2.png Help - The help intent is the default intent. You'll shake people or yourself awake if you have no items in hand, or perform CPR on them if they're suffocating and you both have no helmets or masks on. You'll still hit people with most items if you're holding any, though. You can pass other people on the same tile when moving through them, assuming they are on help intent as well. Your gun will not fire while on help intent, but will aim when clicked on someone. Moreover, any attack on you will have a 100% hit chance. Being buckled to something or lying down on the floor will also nullify the chance of a hit missing.
  • Disarm2.png Disarm - A defensive intent. You'll attempt to disarm someone of their weapon or push them over for a very short while. This has a chance of failing, so repeated clicking may be necessary. People cannot run past you with this intent.
  • Grab2.png Grab - You'll grab someone passively at first. Moving will be slowed if you try to drag them around, so for transport, pulling is much faster. Clicking on them again will grab them aggressively (which has a chance of failing) and allow you to put them on a table to make them lie down or handcuff them. Click again will grab them by the neck. You can then click on the grab icon in your hand to start strangling them. You can also hit someone with your free hand while having him/her in a choke hold, and your victim can do the same. People cannot run past you with this intent.
  • Harm2.png Harm - This intent does NOT make you do more damage with melee weapons, but increases your chance of hitting the targeted area. You can only fire guns with harm intent, aside from taser guns. With an empty hand you'll punch people for around 5 brute damage, and have a small chance to land a strong hit, which will have various effects depending on the targeted location. People cannot run past you with this intent as you are blocking their way.

The target area in this type of combat matters, especially in harm intent, for a strong hit will cause differing effects depending on where the punch/blow lands.

  • A strong hit on the head will cause blurriness and dizziness.
  • A strong hit on the arm will cause the target dropping what they are holding.
  • A strong hit on the chest will send the victim flying to the floor.
  • A strong hit in the groin will cause pain. (Similar to Stun Baton/Taser)

Gun System

There are two ways to use guns, the default Normal fire and the Aimed fire. You can switch between these with the J hotkey, or the Normalgunmirk2.png icon on your HUD. Remember that you will only fire guns while on Harm2.png Harm intent, so it's best to stay on Help2.png Help intent, unless you are feeling lucky.

  • Normalgunmirk2.png Normal fire - This is the default mode for firing guns. Simply click on a person or object (tile, wall, window, etc.) and you will fire the gun you are holding.

Clicking on someone right next to you will make you fire a point blank shot at them for extra damage, as long as you have ammo.

  • Autogun.png Aimed fire - This mode lets you take aim at someone and react to their actions reflexively, without any more input required on you as a player.

This mode is useful to show someone you are serious or to take hostages.

How this works: After selecting Aimed Fire, click on someone to have the target reticule appear, also giving them a message to stop moving. After 2 seconds, if they interact with anything, you will automatically fire at them. You can allow them to AllowWalk2.png walk, AllowItems2.png use items or AllowRadio.png speak on the radio. You can also NoRadio.png forbid them to speak on the radio, NoWalk2.png forbid them to walk or NoItems2.png forbid them to use items. Clicking in their direction or on them again will fire at them. You can click another person to switch your focus to them. Click your gun or fire mode again to stop aiming at your target.

Heavy vs Light

  • Heavy items do much more damage, but are slower and have a chance to miss. Conversely, light weapons do less damage, but always hit and swing faster.


  • Harm intent is your best bet.
  • Aim for the head. Knock outs when aiming for the head last longer.
  • If they have a helmet, aim for the chest. If they have body armor too, aim for the legs.
  • Click repeatedly.
  • Any object is usually better than your fists. Fire extinguishers especially.
  • Screwdrivers, Spoons and Forks have a special blinding attack when aiming for the eyes.
  • Stun baton and harm intent makes you beat your target instead of stunning them, which knocks them down, but only stuns for a very short amount of time. This is generally a bad thing, unless you aim to kill.
  • Using a gun on someone adjacent to you will cause you to hit them with your gun, unless you're on Harm2.png harm intent, in which case you'll fire a point blank shot at them for extra damage.
  • Taser guns have a special extra long stun when adjacent, regardless of intent.
  • To fire at someone on the ground, click specifically on them, or the shot will go over them.


  • Run away.
  • If they're too close, disarm, then run away.
  • If you can't run, aim for the head to get a knock out and then run away.
  • If they give chase, throw objects at them. Some objects, such as metal rods or floor tiles do extra damage when thrown.
  • Stun them, or otherwise attempt to disable them.


Combat Tips

  • If you have a legitimate reason to, use Hyperzine beforehand. It increases your movement speed considerably.
  • Expect to be the one to die.

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