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The Medical Skills

The chemistry skill describes your ability to manipulate and identify chemicals, synthesize reagents, and use chemical processing machinery.

Mechanical Implications

This skill has quite a severe effect on your ability to interact with some common chemistry-related equipment. As such, sufficient levels or this skill are strongly recommended for the Chemist, the Physician, and some research roles.

All-In-One Grinder Juicer1.png

  • Unskilled - Has a chance of seriously hurting your hand on use. Having Basic Cooking skill will also allow you to avoid this effect.
  • Basic and above - Works normally, but with reduced yields from grinding: yield is 70/80/90/100/100% from Unskilled to Master.

ChemMaster 3000 Mixer0.png

  • There are two modes in which this machine can operate: Quick and Thorough, each with different effects.
  • Unskilled to Expert, Thorough: - When moving reagent from the beaker to the buffer, some is lost: only 60/70/80/90% will be transferred, depending on skill level.
  • Unskilled to Expert, Quick: - Has a chance of transferring some smaller amount of other reagents from the beaker to the buffer (or from the buffer to the beaker) along with the one clicked. No reagents will be lost. The chance of contaminants drops with each skill level, from 100% on Unskilled to 12.5% on Expert.
  • Master: - Works normally.

Chemical Dispenser Dispenser.png

  • Unskilled/Basic - There is a chance of having some contaminants added into the beaker along with the desired chemical. A maximum of 2/1 contaminants at Unskilled/Basic may be added. This may potentially be dangerous, depending on the chemical being dispensed.
  • Unskilled/Basic - The amount of chemicals dispensed is somewhat inaccurate, and may not precisely match the amount desired.
  • Trained and above - Works normally.
  • Other dispensers not specifically designed for chemicals may be affected by other skills, such as Cooking, but with the same mechanics.

Examining chemical reagent containers

  • Expert - Examining a reagent container held in your hands will reveal "scannable" reagents (ones that show up on the medical scanners), so long as they are present in sufficient amount.
  • Master - Will reveal all reagents, not just "scannable" ones.

Science glasses/HUD Purple.png

  • Allows you to identify chemicals in reagent containers on examine (does not need to be in your hands). Precision when gauging the quantity improves with skill. Generally more precise and better in all ways than when examining without goggles, even at high skill.