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Create lifesaving chemicals. Haunt Supply with your refill requests. Fill the medicine freezers to capacity.
Difficulty: Medium
Access: Chemistry, Infirmary
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Alternative names: Pharmacist
Civ branch ranks: Contractor

The Chemist is the member of Medical staff responsible for creating medications for the Physicians and Medical Technicians to use. They do little, if anything, in the way of hands-on doctoring, and are primarily concerned with making sure that the rest of the department has the drugs necessary to do their jobs. They also fill prescriptions for any member of the crew that requires them and can create a variety of interesting non-medicinal concoctions in their laboratory if the need arises.

As a contractor, the Chemist answers directly to the Chief Medical Officer and, indirectly, any enlisted personnel or commissioned officers in the department.


The Chemist is not concerned with such brutish matters as applying splints or administering injections. For most of their on-the-job time, they remain cloistered comfortably within the pharmacy, mixing up the magical potions that the rest of the department uses. The Physicians might take all the credit for saving the lives of their patients, but without the Chemist's presence, their jobs become much more difficult.

There are medications available that can stitch together torn flesh, flush radiation from clumsy Engineers, and even repair organs without surgery, but without the Chemist, Medical has access to none of these. It is the Chemist's efforts that enable the department to do its job. Without the pharmacy operating smoothly, efficiently, and quickly, Medbay can quickly become overwhelmed by patients that it lacks the tools to cure.

As such, during most rounds, the Chemist's main concern is to produce as much of the most important medications as possible as quickly as they can. After this, they are free to make whatever they like, though they are, of course, heavily encouraged to make whatever the rest of Medical requires at that time, and to keep the medicine fridge as full of as many bottles of as many types of medicine as they can produce. Once that's done, and all prescriptions are filled, your average pharmacist will adjourn to the mess hall for a well-deserved break.