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SEV Torch
SEV Torch Deck 5
Clearance Exploration, Cargo, Science
Purpose The shuttle primarily used for exploration missions from the Torch.

The Charon is a shuttle craft that is a joint use craft between the Exploration, supply and Research departments. In game this shuttle will often be used by the miners, scientists and/or the explorers. The Charon is to be piloted by the Shuttle Pilot, however if needed be a Bridge Officer or Pathfinder can fly it; no one else should fly it without proper knowledge. The Charon consists of a cockpit, passenger area, crew area bathroom, a single dorm and medical area, and a large storage area with multiple rooms in the back.

Locations aboard the Charon

Location Description


This is where the Shuttle Pilot flies the Charon. It contains the standard ship controls and a console to check the external atmosphere.


The main entrypoint to the Charon. Make sure to close this before departing.

Fuel Compartment

This compartment contains the primary CO2 and air storage for the Charon.

The image displayed to the left is currently out of date, see Shuttle Pilot for a more current image.

Cargo Bay

A large area used for storage. It can be depressurised and used as a secondary airlock if needed.

Power Compartment

Contains the Charon's SMES unit and a recharging bay.

Pre-flight Checks

Here's a shortish list of things you should most likely do before launching the Charon into the void.

  1. Fill up the hydrogen thrusters. The refueling port can be found externally on the aft starboard side of the Charon. Crowbar it open, take the tank to the hydrogen canister in the hangar fuel room and fill it up there.
  2. Fill up the CO2 thrusters. This step isn't essential but it's recommended in case the Torch decides it wants to fly off somewhere without you. Activate the pump from the CO2 canister in the fuel compartment to empty it into the Charon's fuel storage. CO2 canisters can be refilled on the vent in the hangar fuel room.
  3. Make sure everyone leaving on the expedition is aware that the Charon's being loaded.
  4. Fill out a flight plan. Not doing this won't prevent the Charon from leaving, but you might have an angry Pathfinder or Bridge Officer to deal with if you don't. Use a computer with the Deck Management software installed to do this step.
  5. Grab your pilot voidsuit and fill up your oxygen tank. These are located in exploration storage.
  6. Make sure all the required exploration gear and supplies are loaded. Food and water are always helpful.
  7. Make sure everyone's aboard. The Deck Management software can be used to call all the crewmembers assigned to the flight to the shuttle.
  8. Close the airlocks.
  9. Announce your imminent departure/seek permission to leave. If the alert is green you don't have to ask for permission to leave. Anything above a green and you will have to ask for permission. Don't expect to be allowed to leave on a red.