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Connects to   Library, Escape Arm, Chapel Office, Crematorium, Chapel Maintenance
Located   Starboard section, left of Escape
Used By   Chaplain
Access(es) Needed   Chaplain
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This is where the Chaplain spawns. It is situated west of the escape, north of medical, south of some maintenance tunnels, and east of the theater.

There are two confessional booths (one for the chaplain to sit in), as well as the chapel office, which is attached to the coffin storage. Also accessible by this office is the Crematorium, for when robusting is not enough, as well as a mass driver, ostensibly for the disposal of deceased crewmen receiving a funeral (rather than deceased crewmen being launched into space to hide the bodies). All in all, not much happens here of any crucial importance, and it takes active effort by the Chaplain to get people to roleplay here.

Occasionally cults will use the Chapel as their base, both for stylistic reasons and because they can generally be sure that most people will not bother to go inside, ever.