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List of Colonies
Faction Independent
System Nyx
Population 6,000
Coordinates (LY) -30.2X, 10.3Y
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A small moon in the Nyx System, heavily colonised by ex-residents of Brinkburn, Officially called the Republic of Caldurk. Laden with mineral rich deposits, the planet is heavily focused on mining operations. Politically independent, Caldurkians pride themselves on their self-sufficience.


When the founding corporation of Brinkburn (Cetedyne Industries) collapsed in 2553, much of the planets population began to leave, with many of the more wealthy settlers attempting to strike far more away, in the more distant Erebus. In the year 2554 the population and activity in the Erebus sector was low, with only minor independent, sparsely populated mining operations existing with no notable settlements.

This changed when, out of over a hundred natural satellites orbiting Erebus,a group of approximately four hundred Brinkburnians decided to colonise a relatively small moon they named Caldurk which surveyors found to contain large numbers of rich mineral deposits, as well as an abundance of Phoron. The first settlement on Caldurk was constructed haphazardly using materials from Brinkburn, with much of the original settlement being constructed underground and capped with a domed area above the surface.

Over time the population of Caldurk grew and the settlement began to expand as the value of the moon attracted the attention of various corporate interests and independent settlers. This time period also saw the construction of a number of orbital installations as well as smaller settlement efforts on nearby planetoids, though none have reached the size and population of Caldurk.

Within Nyx Caldurk is considered one of the largest and most widespread mining operations in the system, serving as a hub for independent miners and small corporations, being fairly well fortified it provides a measure of safety in the largely lawless Nyx system, occupying the middle ground between the more pirate and criminally oriented locations and the corporate havens present in Nyx.

In the present year Caldurk remains an independent colony, with strong mineral reserves both on the moon itself and on the neighbouring planetoids, guaranteeing its economic stability for the foreseeable future.


Caldurk was originally an anarcho-capitalist settlement early on in its history, though the need for a proper political system grew as the size of the colony increased in order to better manage its affairs. This led to the replacement of this relatively free and loose system with a crudely formed republic in 2557. Elections in Caldurk occur once every two years and the government imposes minimal taxation on citizens in order to base for maintenance, security and other public services. The creation of a central government in Caldurk has led to increasing stability on the colony, with the increased security and taxes allowing for better expansion and development of most necessary systems in Caldurk.


Caldurk is a mid-sized moon with a diameter of approximately 600 km. Though there is only one settlement present, Caldurk, the government fully claims the entire moon, a claim that isn't recognised by any external entities. However, since no other independent mining operations or settlements have been established outside of Caldurk, there are no current disputes to this claim.

Physically, Caldurk is similar to Luna, although with fewer craters and higher gravity. When compared to other moons orbiting Erebus, it has a significantly higher amount of mineral wealth.

Housing and settlements in Caldurk are crude. Since the moon lacks an atmosphere no terraforming has taken place.. Due to this, the settlement was built in domed environments and underground caves, both of which support an artificial atmosphere.


The population of Caldurk is highly multi-cultural and has a dis-proportionally high number of alien species. However, given its relative newness as a colony, it has yet to develop its own, distinctive culture, and is little more than a melting pot.


Currently Caldurk enjoys economic relevance as a mining colony, with it maintaining the SCG Thaler as its official currency, cash flows freely through the settlement. The colony enjoys frequent and vital trade with the colony of Brinkburn, who supply it with weaponry, spacecraft and robotic units. Trade is also regular with Yuclite, whom the colony relies on for food and water supplies, along with luxury goods. Domestically Caldurk is also home to small spaceport which services and maintains the myriad salvage and mining vessels present, as well as a number of small, subterranean hydroponics farms and possesses, though this is the extent of economic diversification on Caldurk

Trade with the Free Trade Union exists as well due to the close location of the Talon's Bull space station. The Free Trade Union has a good deal of influence on Caldurk, though corporations native to Brinkburn tend to hold the greatest amount of control and influence of the fledgling colony.

Small scale underground farming takes place in Caldurk as well, and other than that, the economy of the settlement isn't too diversified yet. Research is almost completely unheard of, while medical healthcare is more or less acceptable system-wide, but still substandard by galactic standards.