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Clothing is what keeps you warm in the winter, let alone the dead of space. Below are the objects which you can wear.

Jumpsuit slot.png Jumpsuits

Having a jumpsuit is extremely important. Without a jumpsuit you will not have an ID slot, a belt slot, or any pocket slots. The jumpsuit is also useful in identifying your department at a glance, and so can be used as part of a disguise.

In addition, jumpsuits have a full suite of sensors that can be toggled and adjusted by right-clicking on it. They can give out data to medical personnel, including your location, your health, and your mortality. Used by the Chief Medical Officer. Medical Doctor, Paramedic and other Heads of Staff to locate you in case you go missing.

Depending on how high you set yours, more information will be available to Crew Monitoring Consoles. Suit sensors can also be locked, which prevents their settings from being changed. This is done by using a multitool on the suit.

Tells them nothing. You don't even show up on the monitor.

Binary Life Signs
Tells them if you are alive or deceased. The name that shows up on the monitor is the same one on the ID that is being worn. If no ID is worn, you will show up as 'Unknown'.

Vital Tracker
Tells them what your vital statistics are. Separates damage by Suffocation, Toxin, Burn, and Brute

Tracking Beacon
The maximum level. Tells them what area of the station you're currently in, and your co-ordinate location. Moreoever, the station AI will be able to track you irrelevant of camera coverage.

Chameleon jumpsuit.gif
Found in: Everyone starts with one, several more are found in lockers all around the station.
Used for: To hide your naked body, Also provides a belt slot, ID slot and two pockets for storage.
Strategy: Just wear it at all times as they're useful and practical.
Jumpsuits are the clothing standard on the station. Everyone starts off with one, which describes which job they do. Additional ones are usually found in the changing room, in the dormitory and most job-specific lockers, such as the engineering locker, mining lockers and so on.

Found in: Custom Loadout
Used for: When the jumpsuit doesn't satiate your feminine needs.
Strategy: Just wear it at all times as they're useful and practical.
Jumpskirts are the forgotten jumpsuit. Serving a similar role as jumpsuits, with an added dash of style.

Outer slot.png Suits

Stuff you wear over your jumpsuit. Most of them are pretty useful.

Bio Suit
Found in: Virology, Toxins, Janitor's Closet, Research in general.
Used for: Protecting against exposure to Infections and chemicals.
Strategy: Wear it when dealing with hazardous substances.
The Bio Suit, short for biohazardous suit, protects from direct exposure to chemicals and disease. Wearing one increases your immunity and is one more barrier between you and an acid spill or outbreak. As such, they're almost essential to everyone in Toxins, the Janitor, and Doctors caught in an epidemic. Also offers moderate radiation protection. Comes with a hood too.

Found in: Internal Affairs Office, Various.
Used for: Looking the part.
Strategy: No real use. Looks pretty snazzy though.
It's just a suit.

Grey space suit.png
Space Suit
Found in: EVA
Used for: Going to space.
Strategy: Provides protection from the vacuum of space and extreme temperatures.
Space Suits come in many varieties. Generally, they are large, bulky, and slow the user down when worn.

Body Armor
Found in: Brig, Armory, Security Officers
Used for: Protecting against blunt force trauma.
Strategy: Wear it for protection against brute damage and taser bolts to the chest.
Typically found on Security Officers and some Heads of Staff during red alerts. Does not provide temperature protection, but also doesn't slow the wearer down.

Found in: Custom loadout, Locker Room
Used for: Cloaking yourself in style.
Strategy: Show up in style to work or any NanoTrasen mandated costume party.
Found in a variety of colors, many crew members choose to bring their ponchos off-facility to showcase their uniqueness

Mask slot.png Masks

Gas Mask
Found in: Can be found in engineering and maintenance tunnels.
Used for: Gas masks can be used in conjunction with a air tank of any type to set up internals.
Strategy: Without internals they will protect your face,filter out any contaminations in the air and without ID they will hide your identity.
They are favored by engineers, scientists, traitors, and any crew member that are in areas without air.

Breath Mask
Found in: It is very common for a crewmate to wear a breath mask, since every employee is provided with a complementary box of internals in their backpack prior to their trip on the arrival shuttle.
Used for: They are transparent and cover only part of the face, so can't be used in hiding your identity.
Strategy: Keep it on if you expect the room you are in to lose oxygen or going out EVA
Unlike gas masks, breath masks must be attached to an air tank in order to have any benefit.

Sterile Mask
Found in: Medbay, on Doctor's faces.
Used for: Slight disease prevention.
Strategy: Internals provide the same disease blocking benefit as these with the added bonus of being able to breathe from oxygen tanks.
Medical maskes help protect the wearer from infectious diseases. Use this with a biosuit for maximum disease protection.

Head slot.png Headgear

Found in: Security, on the heads of various personnel.
Used for: Protection.
Strategy: Use this to prevent being whacked in the head.
Protects you from damage to the head.

S helmet.png
SWAT Helmet
Found in: Armory, in ballistics armor crates.
Used for: Protection.
Strategy: Use this to better protect you than a regular helmet.
Protects you from more damage to the head. Can be used in space.

Space Helmet
Found in: EVA.
Used for: Being in space.
Strategy: Protection from flashes and welding, not needed if you have a suit since you don't get cold enough.
Helmet to be used on space walks, makes you look more like an astronaut.

RIG Helmet
Found in: Mining Outpost, Engineering, Atmospherics or EVA.
Used for: Surviving the bitter vacuum of space.
Strategy: Like the space helmet, it protects from vacuum and low-pressure environments. Have extra protection against demage and other types of damage.
A helmet used for more advanced voidsuits, particular in Engineering.

Welding Helmet
Found in: Engineering, Primary Tool Storage.
Used for: Protecting your eyes.
Strategy: Wearing this while covering your face will protect your from flashes and welding.
You can flip it up out of your face to see better, but you won't be protected whilst doing so.

Found in: Engineering
Used for: Protecting your head from falling objects.
Strategy: Use the hardhat's light to illuminate maintenance tunnels and other dark areas.
A helmet commonly worn by engineers. Has a round light mounted onto it.

Shoes slot.png Shoes

Found in: Lockers.
Used for: Protecting your feet from glass, making you walk faster.
Strategy: Wear them. Don't take them off unless you're changing them for another pair.
Come in many shapes and sizes, and are all functionally equivalent except for those listed below.

Janitor's Galoshes
Found in: The Janitor's Closet.
Used for: They prevent you from slipping on everything but space lube.
Strategy: Other crew members will often seek these out to avoid falling victim to excessive mopping.
Yellow boots that go up to your knees.

Magnetic Boots
Found in: Chief Engineers Office,EVA storage., Atmospherics and Engineering
Used for: Preventing you from moving unintentionally in space.
Strategy: Make sure you toggle them on via the top left icon for them to work.
Prevents unintentional movement whilst EVA, prevents you from being whisked away by moving airflows, and slows you down greatly for careful, deliberate movement.

Orange Shoes
Found in: Prisoner lockers.
Used for: Dressing your prisoners.
Strategy: Combine this with handcuffs to create handcuff-shoes, the user of it will be always on walk mode, preventing him from running away.
Used to let everybody know you Committed a Crime.

Wizard's Sandals
Found in: Wizard crates.
Used for: Looking like a Wizard.
Strategy: Use these to complete the outfit.
The last thing you'll see as your mangled corpse hits the ground.

Back slot.png Backwear

Found in: Dormitory lockers, you may spawn with these depending on your preferences.
Used for: Storing unneeded crap.
Strategy: You're going to want this. It's used for storing stuff. But keep in mind that a backpack cannot store everything, such as toolboxes and other backpacks. But can generally store everything else.
For all your holding needs.

Found in: Locker room and dormitories
Used for: Storing unneeded crap.
Strategy: Like an backpack, just not in your back
For all your holding needs, now with a fashionable shoulder strap!

Security Backpack
Found in: All Security staff spawn with them.
Used for: Holding things.
Strategy: It's a backpack.
For holding, Security style.

Medical Backpack
Found in: Medbay staff spawn with them.
Used for: Holding things.
Strategy: It's a backpack.
For all your medical holding needs.

Bag of Holding
Found in: The depths of R&D
Used for: holding things, that hold things....
Strategy: This item holds more bulkier items (For example, you can put a lockbox in a bag of holding, but not a simple backpack).
WARNING: Science can't explain everything; under no circumstances (unless you want a resonance cascade, destroying both bags and their contents) should you ever put a Bag of Holding inside a Bag of Holding!

Found in: EVA, Engineering
Used for: Moving through space.
Strategy: Use it to move quickly through space without having to throw items or staying near the station.
Allows the user to move quickly through space by expelling gas at high velocities. Blue jetpacks hold Oxygen (and can be used as internals), while black jetpacks hold Carbon Dioxide.

Belt slot.png Belts

Utility Belt
Found in: Engineering bay or in maintenance, and due to updates found in engineer's hands insted of a toolbox.
Used for: Utility belts can hold some kinds of tiny items, most commonly tools
Strategy: They are worn as a belt and hold the same amount as a toolbox, though they are less useful as weapons.
Can hold: Crowbar, Screwdriver, Weldingtool, Wirecutters, Wrench, Multitool, Flashlight, Cable coil, Scanner, Analyzer.

Medical Belt
Found in: Medbay.
Used for: Holding medical items.
Strategy: Like the Utility Belt, but for holding medical items only.
Think of these as your medkit- but on a belt.
Can hold: Healthanalyzer, DNA-Injector, Dropper, Beaker, Bottle, Pill, Syringe, Dispensed-beaker, Zippo lighter, Cigarette packet, Pill bottle, Medical box, Penlight.

Security Belt
Found in: Warden's locker, Security lockers.
Used for: Holding security stuff.
Strategy: Like the utility belt, but for security uses only.
Carry loadsa stuff on your belt!
Can hold: Flashbang, Handcuffs, Flash, Glasses, Shotgun ammo, Magazines, Donuts

Gloves slot.png Gloves

Work Gloves
Found in: Cargo bay, Engineering, Security's Hands, Some other places on the Exodus.
Used for: Completing a outfit, or hiding fingerprints.
Strategy: Perhaps slightly worse then the Latex Gloves.
Did you accidentally kill yourself by touching a hot lightbulb? Wear these next time.

Latex Gloves
Found in: Medbay.
Used for: They partially prevent the passing of disease, but may leave fingerprints at a very low chance.
Strategy: Having these is better than having nothing at all.
Latex gloves are white and thin. It is far easier to dispose of gloves than it is to wash your bare hands. They can also be blown up into balloons!

Insulated Gloves
Found in: Engineering, tech storage, and ordered by Cargo.
Used for: To stop you from being shocked.
Strategy: Trade your old gloves in for these, if you're not worried about disease.
These handy yellow gloves are much coveted by the crew. While not as stylish as black gloves, they hide your fingerprints just as well and also protect the wearer from electric shock when hacking and manipulating power cables.

Botanist's Gloves
Found in: Botanist's hands.
Used for: Holding some special plant types.
Strategy: Holding nettles and growing them to insta-crit people.
Behold the power of the Botanist's gloves, they hide prints like all gloves, but you can hold nettles with these.

Boxing Gloves
Found in: Near the Fitness Room
Used for: To Sharpen your hand to hand combat
Strategy: The gloves have to real uses other then boxing tournaments
Even if they are padded, they still hurt

Captain's Gloves
Found in: Captains lockers
Used for: Both used for formal and normal wear.
Strategy: Its part of the captain's uniform, you would have to be mad to be seen without them.
They might be one of a kind, and have a yellow band on them, but they won't prevent against shock.

Ears slot.png Earpieces

These little devices are issued to every crew member upon arrival on the station. Every job, no matter how insignificant, gets some form of headset. In order to talk to the station with it simply type <say ";(your text here)">.

Different branches of the station get a unique headset with it's own private channel. In order to use this channel type in <say ":h (your text here)">. And your message will be broadcast to others with the same type of headset. This does not work on the basic model. You can tell the basic model by its black coloring and lack of label.

You can also emote over the radio by typing in <say ";!(your emote here)">. This can work on any radio channel. Simply substitute ; with the channel modifier of your choice. Please keep in mind that it is very difficult to ascertain if someone is winking over the radio, so radio emotes should be kept to audio only.

All headsets are equipped with a standard encryption key used for the common channel. Screwdrivers can be used to remove the encryption keys and use them in a different headset. All department headsets come with two keys. One contains the common radio channel, and the other contains the department channels.

Here is a list of channels and how to access them. Examining your headset also shows you all possible channels.'

  • :h Your department's channel
  • :c Command
  • :s Security
  • :e Engineering
  • :u Supply
  • :m Medical
  • :n Research
  • :v Service

Other channels:

  • :b Binary (For AI and cyborgs)
  • :a Alien
  • :g Changeling
  • :h AI Holopad (For AI)
  • :o AI Private Channel (For AI)

Standard Radio Headset
Found in: Any civilian's ear, as well as medical patient lockers, crew quarter lockers and any public locker.
Used for: Annoying people, screaming for help, letting people know that the singularity is out.
Strategy: None.
A standard Radio headset. Carries no additional encryption keys. Nothing fancy.

Captain's Headset
Found in: Captain's locker, on the captain's ears.
Used for: Normal radio chat as well as all department channels.
Strategy: Use this to coordinate between all departments.
The holy grail of headsets.

Head of Personnel's Headset
Found in: Head of Personnel's locker, on the Head of Personnel's ears.
Used for: Normal radio chat as well as command, security, supply, and service channels.
Strategy: Used to keep in contact with your departments
Use the command channel to ask respective heads for permission before giving a department change to someone.

Chief Medical Officer's Headset
Found in: Chief Medical Officer's locker, Chief Medical Officer's head.
Used for: Normal radio chat as well as medical and command channels.
Strategy: Use this to coordinate between heads of staff and your medical staff.
To make sure your chemists are chemisting, psychologists are waiting, and doctors are ERPing.

Research Director's Headset
Found in: RD's locker, on RD's ear.
Used for: Normal radio chat as well as science and command channels.
Strategy: Use this to coordinate between heads of staff and your research staff.

Chief Engineer's Headset
Found in: Chief Engineer's locker, Chief Engineer's ears.
Used for: Normal radio chat as well as all engineering and command channels.
Strategy: Use this to coordinate between heads of staff and your engineering staff.
Use it to make sure the Supermatter Engine doesn't explode.

Engineering Radio Headset
Found in: Engineering bay lockers, Engineer's ears, Atmos tech's ears.
Used for: Used for engineering channel to report damage and to make sure that somebody has checked the engine recently.
Strategy: Use for engineering team, as well as Atmos.
"Chapel was hit by a meteor, repair team to the chapel!"

Medical Radio Headset
Found in: Medical lockers, Doctor's ears
Used for: Talking to various jobs throughout the medbay via the medical channel.
Strategy: Use this to order things from chemistry or inform Doctors of Bodies that need Resleeving.
It's a radio

Security Radio Headset
Found in: Security lockers and the ears of anyone in the security department.
Used for: Coordinating security and requesting arrest orders via the security channel.
Strategy: Don't let traitors get their hands on these.

Cargo Radio Headset
Found in: Quarmaster/Cargo Tech's ear place.
Used for: The Quartermaster and his slaves to talk to one another about Cargo tech.. Stuff
Strategy: Has access to the cargo and mining channels.
"We need 2 crates of 50 metal sheets, Sir!"- A surprisingly normal request over the Quartermaster/Cargo Slave's private radio.

Found in: Firing Range
Used for: Blocking out sound, Torturing people
Strategy: Prevents ear damage from loud noises.
One of the many parts for a fully insane victim.

Glasses slot.png Eyewear

Prescription Glasses
Found in: Just about anywhere in the Medbay
Used for: Fixing short sightedness.
Strategy: Most competent medical staff can fix short sightedness with surgery. So only use these if there's no good surgeons, or if you like glasses.
Helps the wearer to see. Available in different prescription, so make sure you grab the right one.

Sun Glasses
Found in: Security, Maintenance.
Used for: Protection against flashes, useful when against Revs and flashes.
Strategy: Most Heads start with these. Sunglasses protect against the effects of the flashes that Security uses, and are essential if Security decide to use Portables Flashes.
Keeps the sun out.

Found in: Security.
Used for: Combines Sunglasses and the Security HUD
Strategy: Security starts with these, allow you to see a Persons job and wanted status along with resistance to flashes.
The red tint makes it cooler.

Optical Meson Scanners
Found in: Engineering and maintenance areas.
Used for: Seeing structural layout.
Strategy: Wear these when mining, or seeing where structural damage is through walls.

Optical Thermal Scanners
Found in: Uplink Items
Used for: Seeing people though walls.
Strategy: Don't wear while welding/ walking by portable flashes, or in an EMP area.
Ordered by traitors.

Optical Material Scanners
Found in: Admin pockets
Used for: Seeing pipes, computers, blood pools and other objects through walls.
Strategy: Probably would be good for a detective.
Hey, someone is spilling tomato sauce all over that maintenance hallway!

Health Scanner HUD
Found in: Surgery, CMO's Office
Used for: Seeing a visual overlay of people's health
Strategy: Use it to prioritize critical patients
Looks like a scouter.

Security Scanner
Found in: Custom Loadouts
Used for: Seeing ID access/arrest status of other people
Strategy: Same as the HUD Glasses, Useless if you have a Pair of Glasses.
Looks like a RED scouter.

Found in: Theater
Used for: Kinky stuff, blinding people without hurting them.
Strategy: Don't wear this if you want to see.

Found in: Yarr!
Used for: Yarr!
Strategy: Yarr!

Green Glasses
Found in: Theater
Used for: Becoming a mad scientist!
Strategy: Remember to say a society-damning monologue.

Night Vision Goggles
Found in: In tactical areas.
Used for: Seeing people in the dark.
Strategy: Wear these when you know a power outage is about to happen.
They won't know what hit them.