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Playable: Yes
Antag Only: Yes
Whitelisted: No
Physical Characteristics
Height: 6'10" to 7'5"
Weight: 200lbs to 250lbs
System: Unknown
Planet: Unknown

The Bogani are a theocratic and specicidal alien empire from the unknown regions of the Milky Way. Most aspects of their civilization are shrouded in mystery, but they are incredibly advanced (surpassing the technology of known space), and have built their empire on the backs of slave workers, and the dead.


The anatomy of the Bogani is, and not to be cliche, alien to the known species. They're humanoid in appearance, standing between 6'10" and 7'5", but it's impossible to tell which gender, if any, might possess taller traits. They have a greyish purple exoskeleton, but it's composition is unknown. They have only one, large, central eye like that of a cyclops from ancient Earth myths.

The Bogani breath chlorine gas, how they have been able to survive and thrive to such an advanced point and colonize is unknown. Even stranger is the lack of a standard male/female sexes in their reproductive system. It is quite possible the Bogani are trimorphic, meaning there are three distinct forms in their reproduction. It is unclear how this works in context, as are any other variations that they might have in their biology.


The Bogani are a theocratic, imperialistic civilization with a heavy reliance on slavery. Contact (though violent) with the species has shown that they have an incredibly complex hierarchy somewhat like that of a caste system found in other societies.

Slavery for the Bogani is a major part of their culture. We are quite sure that when the Bogani discover a new species of intelligent life, they will conquer the species and either force them into the Bogani Slave Trade, or eradicate them like a virus. The Bogani use the word "Qyegno" to describe their slaves, and other species not yet conquered, most likely as a word to describe how they view other species as beneath them. Many different creatures have been seen in service to the Bogani, often fitted with bioengineered technology to help with breathing chlorine gas. The most common slaves that are seen are the small, child like versions of the Bogani, and their large, hairless wolf like beasts. Others have been recorded, but their appearance is not well documented due to conflicting evidence.

'Survival of the fittest,'as Humanity describes it, is incredibly important to their society as well. In combat, injured Bogani have often been left behind by their peers, rather than risking more losses to save one. Those injured do not cry out for aid, but continue as best they can on their own, either making it back to their allies where they can receive aid or committing suicide before capture, as they have done many times in combat against Humanity, IPC, and Skrell Forces along the borders.