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Playable: Yes
Antag Only: Yes
Whitelisted: No
Physical Characteristics
Height: 6'10" to 7'5"
Weight: 200lbs to 250lbs
System: Unknown
Planet: Unknown

The Bogani are a theocratic and violent species from the unknown regions of the Milky Way. They are extremely aggressive to other species, seeking to dominant and enslave, or eradicate all other life that they discover. Their most recent discovery is our region of space. Not much is known about the history and society of the species due to a complete lack of diplomatic ties, but through violent contact with them since 2560, we have gathered what little information you can find below.

Recent History

The Bogani entered the spotlight with the destruction of the SEV Pizarro in late 2561, but before that there were inklings of their presence along the edges of Sol Gov Space. Other Expeditionary vessels such as the SEV Magnus and SEV Vanguard went completely missing, and ships coming from the Positronic Union faced the same fate.

The events leading up to the Bogani War in late 2561 are as follows: A Communication Blackout with the Union had began a few days beforehand, and Gateways into the Union were completely off line. As the closest nearby Sol vessel, the SEV Pizarro was requested to investigated. After entering Union Space, contact was quickly lost with the Pizarro until a lone transmission from a SPACE News reporter reached their headquarters, displaying in video the onslaught of the Bogani against the Sol crew, all of which perished in the attack. Soon after, information finally began pouring out of the Union again of an attack by an unknown species we have now come to know as the Bogani. Since then, conflict continues to rage in the Union, and has spread to the far regions of both Sol Space and [Skrell]. It would not take long from this initial destruction of the Pizarro for Sol and parts of Skrell Space to declare war against the Bogani.


The Bogani are humanoid in appearance, standing between 6'10" and 7'5", and possess a grey-purple exoskeleton, but it's composition is unknown. They have one, large, central eye like that of a cyclops from ancient Earth myths.

What sets them a part entirely from the known species is what they breathe: Chlorine. They are the only known Chlorine-based species to have ever been a discovered, and the fact that they have reached such a high level of civilization and spread so far with Chlorine has led many scientists to rethink how species might develop. How they've been able to accomplish this is unknown, but many are hoping to one day find out.

Another major difference is the lack of the standard male/female sexes in their reproductive system. It is quite possible the Bogani are trimorphic, meaning there are three distinct forms in their reproductive cycle. It is unclear how this works in context, a similar feeling expressed with much of their biology when being examined.


The Bogani resemble that of an Empire, a highly theocratic one at that. Ships that were not destroyed before the Bogani left them have been found to have large altar rooms near the center of the ship, with a number of digitized texts that are untranslatable. It is theorized that these are "churches" for the Bogani, and act as a place of worship for their troops. This faith of theirs is most likely connected to their hatred for other life, which is most prominent in their enslavement of others.

Slavery for the Bogani is huge. We are quite sure that when the Bogani discover a new species of intelligent life, they will conquer the species and either force them into slavery, or eradicate them like a disease. The Bogani have used the word "Qyegno" (pronounced qui-e.g.-no) to describe the slaves they bring aboard their ships and into combat, as well as other species not yet conquered, such as Humanity. Most likely, this word is used to describe how they view other species as beneath them. Many different creatures have been seen in service to the Bogani, often fitted with bioengineered technology to force them to breathe their chlorine. The most common slaves that are seen are the small, childlike versions of the Bogani, and their large, hairless wolf-like beasts. Others have been recorded, but their appearances are not well documented due to conflicting evidence.

'Survival of the fittest,'as Humanity describes it, seems to have taken hold of the Bogani far stronger than seen in other societies. In combat, injured Bogani have often been left behind by their peers, rather than risking more losses to save one. Those injured do not cry out for aid, but continue on their own, either making it back to their allies where they most likely receive aid or they commit suicide. Sol, IPC and Skrell forces have attempted to capture a number of Bogani in the conflicts with them, but thus far, not a single one has been captured alive. They have all committed suicide, or tried to kill as many of our soldiers before being put down.