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!!Bluespace is not safe!!

Bluespace exists as a parallel copy to that of realspace, first theorized to be composed entirely of Dark matter until later speculation provided clearer evidence and usage of this subspace realm. Within the mid-22nd century, scientists aboard Sol Central Government and partnered research vessels established a functional device that allowed access to bluespace and provided temporary manipulation. Later it would be discovered that with enough energy and resource usage, bluespace could be manipulated and used for faster than light travel across the universe.

Bluespace Overview

Technology General Information
Bluespace Artificial Tearing The first and current artificial process for creating an entrance/rift into bluespace, employing the use of gravity wells. The equipment required to form the connection between the subspace realms is equipped aboard all gateway megastructures, allowing for said gateways to be constructed wherever mass-transport is required/desired.
Gateways Developed first by Sol Central Government for mass-deployment of their colonial affairs due to the extensive time required for vessels to maneuver towards neighboring systems. Gateways house wormhole-generation equipment along with the needed fusion energy-production systems to support function. In present-day standards, gateways run almost constantly as they send and receive military vessels, private yachts, research ships, etc. Gateways are effectively space highways, almost all traffic goes through them.
Bluespace Drive(s) Bluespace Drives were first developed and stabilized as a means of translocation/transportation by the Skrell, who currently hold the only means of providing the necessary shield-generation technology to protect organic life during bluespace transit. Due to the volatile nature of bluespace and particulate(s), without proper shielding, the drive-capable vessel may sustain heavy damage and loss of all organic life.

Drives are deployed across the cosmos, primarily used within Skrellian vessels and allied governments, such as Sol Central Government which received an outdated Skrell bluespace drive for use on the SEV Torch. While drives are limited in production or quantity, rarely are they found outside the large corporations, exploration, and military vessels.

Teleportation Teleportation employs the use of drive mechanics, a short bluespace connection and envelops the package being sent in a miniature/temporary shield until they reach their destination.
Bluespace Currents Bluespace currents exist as natural entrances into the subspace realm known as bluespace. Vessels may enter currents, yet those vessels may be unable to sustain damage subjected within the currents nor are they commonly capable of plotting their arrival location. Think of currents as a massive network of interconnecting tunnels within space, constantly changing and modifying themselves. i.e. labyrinth
Creatures and Entities Creatures capable of maneuvering within bluespace come in an array of different sizes, colors, and overall species. All creatures (carps, sharks, whales, squid, etc.) can manipulate a bluespace current(s), allowing for these entities to transport themselves to the desired location of their choosing at FTL speeds.
BSA (Bluespace Artillery) The bluespace artillery is found aboard a few Expeditionary and Fleet vessels. Within a vessel's BSA facilities are charges and the particle-beam generator itself. Upon insertion of a charge, the materials and effects of the charge are deconstructed into mere molecules before instantaneously impacting their target. Particulate-deconstruction is a known and efficient process within the most recent era, however, due to the complex nature of sending/delivering an entire 'charge' through bluespace, the impact of such is instantaneous yet extremely volatile to the user and those impacted. Bluespace artillery equipment is relatively new and is found aboard 1:10 of military vessels. Rarely is this type of weaponry found aboard the exploration vessels controlled by Sol Central Government.


22nd Century

  • 2145: Bluespace is discovered accidentally when an Expeditionary Corps vessel performing a system survey in Tau Ceti discovers a natural bluespace 'tear' after unintentionally entering it only to emerge in the Kruger system, having lost only a day in real-time. The crew spends the next six months in the system before locating another tear, allowing them to travel to the edge of the Sol System in the space of two real days. The scientific community is astounded and invigorated by these discoveries as new lines of research are established practically overnight.
  • 2165: Bluespace wormhole generation is a finalized and efficient means of creating the necessary equipment to allow for unnatural access to the subspace realm is achieved. This marks one of the largest technological achievements within bluespace history and allows for a multitude of other research and engineering projects to commence.
  • 2171: The first Gateway is constructed in the Sol system, connecting it with Tau Ceti. The link revolutionizes space travel, and dozens more are constructed over the next few decades to permanently connect humanity across the stars.
  • 2172: Catastrophic failure occurs during the colonization efforts of Tau Ceti. Colonial-freighters with the required equipment to support the developing colonies are sent through Sol's gateway. During the transit process, a massive-electromagnetic pulse interferes with Sol's active gateway equipment causing the rift to close with the freighters still within. This had led to a broad assumption that the vessels were trapped within bluespace. Only until they freighters finally arrived in Tau Ceti did scientists finally understand that if a rift closes during transport the vessels in transit are launched into a random realspace system, later the one in question discovered to have been Luyten 726-8
  • 2180: Carp and other bluespace faring entities begin to appear within Tau Ceti and eventually neighboring systems. Beginning the massive insight and study of these xeno-lifeforms across the Ares Confederation and private corporations, little is discovered.
  • 2192: The Ares Confederation begins the development of bluespace weaponry (however unsuccessful), boundless sums of funds are thrown into the project with minimal returns being made. Eventually, development is halted, and researchers consider any attempts to manufacture weaponry with bluespace integration impossible, the Confederation cancels the projects with no plan of returning to this field of research.

23rd Century

  • 2202: War breaks out between the Terran Commonwealth and the Ares Confederation. Decades of war follow, ravaging the Sol system and its fledgling outer colonies.
  • 2208: The Terran Commonwealth attempt to capture and control the gateway transportation-routes used by Ares Confederation. The Ares Confederation begins to monitor and secure their gateway/translocation interests further.
  • 2230: The war ends, with the Terran Commonwealth, having recognized the need to change to meet the realities of the new political climate, reorganizing into the Sol Central Government. The new executive and judicial capital of the human government move to Olympus, Mars.
  • 2231: Sol Central Government begins to rebuild their offensive/defensive infrastructure. Fleet personnel seek efficient means of instantaneously delivering lethal payloads upon a large sector. (i.e. Bluespace Artillery)
  • 2233: First contact is made with the Skrell, and by association sometime after, the Diona.
  • 2284: The first human vessel outfitted with a bluespace drive makes a successful jump. Despite their limited success, the devices are still considered difficult to manufacture and incredibly inefficient, preventing their mass adoption. Gateways continue to be the norm for distant travel.
  • 2288: The first short range bluespace teleporters are made commercially available. Along with military/exploration use of long-range bluespace beacons to assist in Expeditionary operations.
  • 2290: With the discovery of efficient bluespace teleportation, Fleet researchers finally complete one of their largest offensive projects in centuries. The BSA (Bluespace Artillery) is finished and produced for the first, second, third, and fourth fleets. Expeditionary command formally requests the designs be shared for their security during exploration missions, however, a modified version was supplied and termed the Obstructive Field Destroyer.

24th Century

  • 2309: The present day. Humanity has spread across the galaxy rapidly with the use of bluespace mechanics, advancements in this field are accelerating at a previously unachievable rate...

Bluespace Technology

What is Bluespace?
Planar comparisons: Realspace vs. Bluespace

Bluespace exists as a subspace realm in almost exact parallel structure to realspace; except planar and light spectrum differences. Bluespace itself is a flat space, containing all-stars or systems which realspace holds. However as stated prior, the flat stature of this realm is drastically different due to realspace having a wavy planar style, warranted by the concept of general relativity and the impact of gravity on all sources of mass within our space. Bluespace reverses the presence of gravity within its subspace realm, causing the forces to instead repel and provide a flat plane of existence instead. This leads to less force being required to move within the said realm and thus providing further thrust to travel at a faster rate eventually reaching FTL speeds. The average distance between star systems within realspace is 4.5 light-years. The common travel time of traveling on mass-ejection propulsion between systems is six-years, with bluespace travel through a gateway or bluespace drive, such takes significantly less at two or more days with gateway travel or one day of constant travel with the bluespace drive. A common misunderstanding with bluespace is the appearance that upon entry a blue hue takes over your vision; however, this is not exactly the case. Among the abnormalities mentioned previously was the adhesion within this plane to conform to the blue range on the spectrum of light. Upon your entry into bluespace you are not only yourself given a blue hue, but all material and matter around you are also given the same modification while within bluespace. This is also one of the abnormalities which require the use of a vessel shield/bubble upon entry and exit of bluespace, without this shielding dire consequences would occur...

Bluespace wormhole/tears
The SEV Torch exiting bluespace

Bluespace tears exist as present wormholes within the subspace realm that humanity and it's other known species inhabit. These tears serve as permanent entrances into the bluespace subspace realm and act as a functional gateway, without the necessity of fusion-power or megastructure supports. However, travel within these tears is extremely dangerous and even the most accomplished of pilots may maneuver their vessel into certain destruction. Unlike the formal gateway, which has a direct connection to the receiving/desired location, tears are almost entirely random and the environment within is extremely harsh upon all vessels. A common example is, piloting through an unknown abyss, without a map/chart, and consistent forces acting against your vessel.

Discovered in the middle of the 22nd century by Sol Central Government and partnering institutes, bluespace tearing was the first successful attempt in unnaturally accessing the subspace (TRealm) traveled within today. Due to a suspected parallel universe or realm, theorists from across the cosmos conducted many studies in hopes of achieving access to a parallel existence. Using a massive gravitational generator(s), the ‘wavy’ planar style of Realspace can be flattened to match the planar style of Bluespace, allowing a connection to form across the two subspace realms. These massive generators create two gravitational wells 'atop' each other to simulate counteracting waves which allow for the formation of a flat planar structure between the two waves. Engineers and researchers alike conducted thousands of further tests until achieving a functional design for tearing the two subspace realms together. In our recent history and modern breakthroughs, the generators used to tear together the subspace realms are included within the megastructures known as gateways.

A probe enters a recently opened Bluespace tear..

Gateways were stabilized in the late 22nd century by Doctor Rhist-Khanz and her developmental research team. Beginning with the perfection of tearing into the bluespace subspace realm, the doctor and her team commenced a galactic study with involvement of any interested organizations established by humanity (as the first contact had yet to be established) to share data in the hopes of securing a vital and quick transport system for the ever-expanding interstellar society. Following the established practice of bluespace tearing, researchers were now able to produce entrance points through realspace into bluespace. This discovery provided a path for the founding mechanic towards bluespace gateways, this would be the gateway itself. A gateway is constructed of an osmium-carbide skeleton with plasteel supports mixed throughout the structure, due to the straining forces (gravity, electricity, and temperature) always exhibited on the gateway at all times. However, the pinnacle of maintaining an open and modern Bluespace connection with the support-structure of a gateway frame is fusion power-generation. Due to the enormous energy required to supply and maintain a connection through light-years of space and other subspace realms, this energy source is a vital component as no production or known engine can produce the power requirement needed alone.

Transit times for gateway travel are often measured in days, with weeks for some of the longest journeys. Within the initial testing of the gateway systems, multiple gates ceased their connection to bluespace far too early, leaving the current vessels in transit stranded. Upon the first occurence of this abnormality, researchers believed the vessels to be lost. However, it was later corrected that if the bluespace connection ceases while vessels remain in transit, those vessels will be ejected into realspace at an unknown system/location. The first notable incident was colonial supply vessels in-transit towards Tau Ceti, these vessels were ejected from bluespace into realspace at an unknown location awaiting rescue for over three years.

Today, most gateways are standardized, massive torus-shaped space stations, that create portals into bluespace wide enough to fit eight carriers (450 m long). Outside of Sol Central Government territory, gateways are less standardized and may operate in local networks only connected to the main systems.

Bluespace Drive
The Bluespace Drive aboard the SEV Torch..

Bluespace drives are a relatively new technology, capable of forcing an immediate connection into the subspace realm without the use of bulky gateways or massive-gravitational generators. A bluespace drive is equipped with three distinct systems to allow safe journey across the subspace realm, a constant shield-generation device to omit any quantum particulates from entering the vessel, a miniature gravitational-well generator which allows for a small section of selected space to be spliced to the parallel realm, and lastly a secondary-power supply in case the attached-vessel is incapable of depowering their reactor(s) for the significant power requirement needed by the drive systems.

Drive shield generation, which currently can only be provided by the Skrell, is invisible to the naked eye. Even in the rare cases of a vessel's power-loss shields will remain online due to the private secondary-power supply isolated for drive use.

Standard teleportation equipment aboard the SEV Torch.

Teleportation uses technology similar to gateways by sending small objects through a fixed portal. It envelops the object within a bubble/shield like a bluespace drive, and releases when the object reaches its destination. The destination is determined by beacons or manual power levels. Poor calibration can result in an object exiting bluespace too late or early.

Creatures and Entities

Space Faring Animals and other entities within Realspace with the capabilities of engaging in subspace travel across the subspace realm(s) are few in species but millions exist in schools or clusters among the cosmos. Carp are predominantly the most expansive of the species, genetically disposed of with a wide array of colors in their scales (orange, blue, purple, etc.) Other entities such as space-faring sharks, whales, and other forms of identifiable life have been recorded throughout charted realspace. These entities are seemingly capable of traveling across bluespace currents, able to manipulate their location within Bluespace and travel along multiple currents. However, due to the ever-expanding subspaces, a wide variety of creatures are assumed to exist throughout uncharted space, still waiting to be discovered.

Bluespace Currents

Bluespace currents exist naturally within realspace, yet occurrences of these currents or rifts between the subspace realms are rarely within an optimal distance of each other. Some bluespace currents are located as close as Alpha Centauri and some require multiple systems to be traveled to reach one. The first theory concerning gateways was developed to be constructed around a current, ensuring that the connection into realspace would remain active indefinitely. However, due to the unchartable and disadvantageous locations of these currents, this theory was shortly debunked and made ineffective.

In recent history there have been known vessels to enter bluespace currents in the order of reaching a destination rapidly, however, due to the insecure nature of bluespace current exits, these vessels are rarely heard from again until multiple years later. Creatures and other space-faring entities are known to travel along the currents, somehow capable of directing themselves within the harsh bluespace environment with control over their desired destination.

Bluespace Artillery

Main article: Bluespace Artillery

The Bluespace Artillery equipment aboard the SEV Torch.

The artillery currently used aboard unique Fleet/Expeditionary vessels and was designed by the Sol Central Government Fleet, by a classified group of researchers. A newer model of BSA within deployment aboard Sol's vessels, the artillery on the Expeditionary vessels is one of the many experiments still being conducted aboard the laboratory facilities. The BSA (Bluespace Artillery Mark VI) is primary form artillery. Bluespace artillery was developed and used for offensive armament soon after the formal discovery of the gateway after military divisions desired an optimal solution to deploying charges. Using the same principles of the bluespace drive or teleportation equipment, the artillery deconstructs all materials put upon the platform before fusing the particles of the desired charge against each other. This is achieved within the fusor section of the artillery where a massive electric field is caught between two gravity-wells to encourage the swap between realspace and bluespace. Once all particles are expended from the charge, they are transferred through an electric field and miniature gravity generator. In which they are rapidly accelerated by the particle-beam generator through bluespace before propelling these particles in order of deconstruction towards their target. Due to the massive energy requirement(s) within the deconstructor or fusor equipment, these machines require time to lower in temperature.